2B Continued Podcast 54 – Anna R.

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My name is Anna R (Rubinshtein). I was born in Ural, Russia. In 2002, I have immigrated to Israel.

Served 3 years in the Israeli army, graduated from “Ariel” University (Israel), majored in mass communication. In campus I began my first public musical activity, as a student I have participated in two programs at the university’s radio “Radio Kol Aher 106FM”, by the name “Electro Sounds”. Under the same name, I continued to make sets for some Israeli internet radio platforms (radiodance.co.il/click2dance.co.il) and worked on Pervoe Radio 89.1FM Israel. At that time I started DJing at some small house parties and moved to small venues like bars and the popular line party “Roof Animals” in Tel Aviv as a guest DJ.

Currently I’m a student in the School of Sound “Yoav Gera” in Tel Aviv, expanding my professional knowledge in music and sound engineering.

Music has been my passion since early childhood. As a hobby, it’s an integral part of my life. I’m an electronic music freak, it has always impressed me with its diversity. I like so many branches of this musical genre, so I express it in melodies from chill out to dark techno and experimental sounds. I feel it reflects everything that transpires in the depth of one’s heart, producing certain emotions and feelings and impresses people with its sound.

On stage, I prefer to play Deep, House and Techno. I hope my music will take me on a journey around the world where I will make people enjoy it as much as I do.

Anna R. – 2B Continued Podcast 54. (Recorded live at Rooftop session by Roof Animals, October, 3. 2015. Tel Aviv, Israel).

1. Ataneus- Breaking The Silence (Mollono.Bass Remix)
2. Vlada D’shake- hedonism (original mix)
3. Dinamica Maxime-Because Of You (Vlada Shake Remix)
4. Marcelo Vasami & Ariel AB – Sunrise To Sundown (Deepfunk’s Sundown Remix)
5. Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile- Infoxication (Chaim Remix)
6. Oxia- Harmonie (original mix)
7. Mindshield – Feel The Spark LoQuai rmx
8. Miraculum- Roses Growing In Her Footsteps
9. Taisuke Chiba- Himawari (Vincenzo Remix)
10. Jan Ploetzlich- Don’t go away (Mollono.Bass remix)

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