About 2B Continued

2B Continued is a new independent platform, using internet radio  and video to  present electronic music  provided by Israeli and international composers, singers and DJs.

On our website you will also find news, articles, reviews, videos and photographs.

Our key guiding principles are honesty, transparency and availability of information to all of our participants.
We make everything accessible and we jointly deal with every issue or request that may rise. Such a working partnership creates a strong synergy, and a win-win relationship.

We set no artistic restrictions, nor any other form of discrimination. We firmly encourage innovative and open thinking, new techniques and new forms of musical presentations.

2B Continued provides an ideal place for independent artists who wish to follow their own path and vision, unrestricted by the traditional commercial music industry.

2B Continued  also  provides  the artists  all the necessary working  tools, such as content  editing, translation, graphics,  photos,  labels,  public relations,  contacts with  producers  and  new  contractual  commercial opportunities.

We welcome anyone who is involved with electronic music and is looking for a wide-range exposure to try us.

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