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Rabih Boukhary Interview

Rabih Boukhary Composer and Producer of electronic music. Ophir Award Winner. 2B Continued press 2015

I’d like to think that getting the OPHIR award (which is the Israeli Oscar) for the original score, gave me the opportunity to be a part of that process – spreading the awareness of electronic music and its existence in Jaffa and the Arabic world, and proving that there is no taboo on electronic music.

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Niv Margalit

Niv Margalit 2B Continued & 2B Continued Records 2015 Press

My artistic vision can be expressed solely by means of feeling and not via words.

Music, writing, creating and saying are an inseparable part of me. In time, they have all enabled me to focus my entirely on fulfilling and translating my thoughts and ideas into tunes and words; opening a window to the entire world.

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Litty Lev Interview

Litty Lev is an artist, creator and a DJ and has a degree in MFA (Photo by Shula Margalit)

I think that first and foremost, I strive to project something magical through my sets. An attempt to bring many elements together in order to create a situation that lifts people’s spirits, that encourages them to celebrate their sexuality, bodies, personalities and personal styles. I try to play tracks that have some sort of an edge, whether its in…

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Oded Nir Interview

Oded Nir Producer and Dj who deeply involved in the global industry of Chill, Soul and House music.  Suntree Records

My start in music was actually in Death Metal, when I started to learn bass guitar in the 90s. The first band I played in was a death metal band. After that, I got more and more involved in the Israeli rock scene. I was fortunate to work with different music producers. I worked as a session bass player and I collaborated with artists such as Itzhak Klepter. This had a major influence on my career

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Miss Gosha Interview

Miss Gosha is Artist, DJ, Creator - Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (Jerusalem) graduate

I was born in Odessa, in the former Soviet Union. I moved to Israel when I was 8 years old, and since then I spend most of my life around Tel Aviv. Somehow I skipped the Russian program of “every kid needs to learn how to play some musical instrument, and never go back to it again in the future”, I guess because of the drawing skills that were noticed in me just a bit before the age of three.

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Camel Drop Crew Interview

Camel Drop Crew are  Adam Mados ''Scarz”  and Mark Vilther ''Munchiez” - Brings the breakbeat to the South

We are two DJs. Adam Mados aka “Scarz”, and Mark Vilther aka “Munchiez”.
“Scarz” from Beer-Sheba. We were good friends in our youth. We used to skate and listen to heavy metal together. The army had taken us to a different ways, but after a few years we met again at a Dubstep parties in Tel Aviv. We went to many bass parties in Israel and while doing that we felt that this kind of music is missing in Beer Sheba.

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Eddie Mis Interview

Eddie Mis 2012 - A visionary and innovative DJ -  Legend - Has mark his sound and changed the electronic music scene (Photographer:  Liran Kaminer)

Eddie Mis – a visionary and an innovative LEGEND – DJ, has marked his sound and changed the electronic music scene as no one (ever) done before. He was the resident DJ at the Penguin club in 1986; the first Industrial Electronic New Wave club in Tel- Aviv. These days he is still developing his sound and searching for new directions

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