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2B Continued is an independent stage for Israeli DJs, as well as DJs from all over the world, which puts them in the spotlights by aimed contents and explicit platforms.

Strong understanding of the local Israeli music industry along with the perception of the global music industry makes 2B Continued a linking chain for those who wish to get world-wide exposure.

We can provide you with our experience and support, though it is up to you to find your own path and self-expression.

Listening and sensitive caring are the keys to our success, and the relationship with the DJs distinguishes us from others. Our music reaches the audience you want to reach.

Nissim Gavriel – Progressive Trip

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“Experience of traveling and sweeping into the unknown, surprising and full of emotions.” That depicts Nissim’s “Progressive Trip” series of mixes; every set is a journey into a magical world.

Nissim had experienced an exceptional childhood of difficulties and self-discovery. On the one hand, he had to deal with strict rules and conventions of religious education. On the other hand, he was attracted to music, which made him a rebel. Eventually, he listened to his heart and chose to abandon the religion in order to fulfil his dream. This choice had opened a new window to the world for him with many opportunities, discoveries and attitudes. He had become a tourist in a world of options who gained experience and created his own unique style – a gifted dj & creator with mystical ability of building sets.

While the X generation still suffers from an old-fashioned attitude and finds progress hard to digest mentally and psychologically, 2B Continued along with Nissim fall into line and work together to present a series of emotional mixes. No more a routine program with a premeditated schedule, but a kind that lets the dj’s feelings set the pace. Here lays the magic of this program, and hopefully, it will sweep you into a mystical atmosphere.

Progressive Trip is an original program with the courtesy of Nissim and is being broadcasted exclusively at 2B Continued net radio.

Nir Mizrahi – Superlatives

Pulpit rock

Nir is a Haifa born guy, levering off Electronic music from as far as he can remember, and later at his early twenties moving to experience and contribute his part to the night scene on one of the capitals of the world for underground dance music, Tel Aviv. Blossomed to become an adult experienced DJ, with a young spirit, developing over time his unique footprint when it comes to mixing.

While living in Cologne (Germany), he was bringing constantly his influence and imprint on dancing a crowd  succeeding newly to touch and to be appreciated by the wide electronic music scene lovers. appearing in some of the world’s finest venues as well as on many locals and internationals web and FM radios. Operating in the past 2 years a strong party line in the deep natural Sauerland area of Germany, mixing and collaborating on a monthly basis aside some of the finest German stars of the dance night scene. He makes it simple, ’cause that’s the way it should sound. Believing that the key of telling his story is to be unexpected.

SUPERLATIVES show will keep you updated with the hottest new tunes Nir digs and discovers every month, A quality 60 minutes of Electronic music journey, deep melodic and classy kicking house beats compiled and mixed for the pleasure of the fans, either recorded between his own four walls-studio, or ripped live.  Seal of contemporary, adult and intelligent sound.

After one year of recordings in 2015 Nir decided to take a break. we hope he will return soon. Last program was recorded in beginning of 2015. The program still air on 2B Continued net-radio.

Eyal B – Vinyl Vibe

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Dj Eyal Ben Josef’s aka Eyal B main music style is House music blended with soul, Funky groove mixed with Jazz, African & Latin beats and underground Disco. By playing in every place and time, creating events and private parties along with working on his own original music, he keeps the sound deep and dark then following to higher Deep House, Tech House and Nu Disco.

With his great selection of records and the insight that vinyl is the ultimate sound, each show is an associative journey Into the hearts of influential DJs (Hebrew content) in the electronic music world – classic as well as contemporary.

After long ride into the world of  soulful-hous roots music we stop manage the program, visit the archive or catch it live on 2B Continued net-radio.


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Ohad, originally from the south of Israel – Beer Sheba, started his Dj journey in 2004, playing in small clubs in Beer Sheba. At the age of 24, Fascinated by the creative and unique world of electronic music, Ohad decided to take his years as a Dance Music Dj a step forward and took audio production studies at ‘MUZIK’ – music college in Tel Aviv. In 2009, Ohad moved to Belgium and played in different clubs in Brussels and Antwerp. In 2011 he move to London to study at ‘SAE’. While living in London, Ohad played in festivals and clubs such as Ministry of Sound, The Nest, Horse and Groom and Shoreditch Festival.

Ohad continues his musical journey in Berlin now, working on new releases that will soon get to your ears.

Breaking out from his usual clubs soundtrack, Ohad invite you to join him while he try to break the boundaries of electronic music and common thinking. Once in while he inviting you to join on a trip to other worlds, His OTHER WORLDS of inspirations, dreams and nightmares. Hope you’ll find your way to your world through his, which will expand your senses; listening and minds. Good things are about to come from Ohad’s talent… stay tuned!


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Tomer Meltzer AKA Addicted2Groove was originally exposed to the late 80’s music. He living the Tech House and Deep House music and all that they entail; moreover, Addicted2Groove still excited from every new sound which includes fundamental soul. His visits in Ibiza and Sonar festival had contributed to this great affection and turned it into an addiction, Influenced by Marshall Jefferson, Mendo, Timewriter, Steve Lawler, Sis, Luciano ,Ricardo Villalobos ,Raresh, and became a ‘freak’ of underground music and searched for any music that resembled to the sounds he had heard.

A2G is one of the most prominent figure in the Israeli club scene. He deeply moved by the tech house music with its dark fractions and beats. All of the above made him search for the perfect sound and became “Addicted2Groove”.

After two years of recordings in 2014 A2G decided to take a break. we hope he will return soon. The program was syndicated in  Greece, Mexico, Canada, Germany and occasionally guest mixes in radio station and blogs around the world. GrooveCast show still air on 2B Continued net-radio.


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Future Sound Of Giro is a monthly radio show of house, disco, nu disco, electronica, funk, lounge trip hop, pop and jazzy sounds working great as background music for your every day act and above.

Last program was created in August 2013 because Giro decided to retire from the field . The program was syndicated also  on De-Radio (Canada),  The program still airs on 2B Continued Net Radio.


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Re:Feel is not just Adi’s duo name (with Eyal Cohen) but a musical concept, bringing fresh sounds from a vast musical spectrum, with Adi’s versatile and unique mix of indie, techno and deep house.

At the end of 2014 Adi stopped recording the program for an unknown reason. The program still air on 2B Continued net-radio.


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Classic Lesson Session is Idan’s dj sets from his own private records’ collection. The program was created in 2009 in order to remind the listeners of the clubs, sounds, spirit and people of earlier years; from the mid 90s to the beginning of the 21st century. It presents the classical trance; that is the milestone of trance music evolution. Idan gives mature sets while using live record players – just the kind of the fine nostalgic trance music that you wouldn’t want to miss. There were a 100 episodes, the last program was created in February 2011 with guest mix by Niv Margalit. The program still airs on 2B Continued Net Radio.

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