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2B Continued Press note / First quarter of 2011

January 21. 2011

2B Continued is an exclusive online site which presents musical culture and roots and it speaks to the audience in the English language. Moreover, it focuses on the electronic music with its own agenda. It also offers an open window to the underground world of music, yet stays on its guard with regard to the world new trends.

2B Continued is the leading stage for the most interesting Djs from the Electronic Music Industry of Israel, With names like Assaf Naftali, Dj Nola, Sagi Haber, Adi Shabat, Lenique Selena of Traum Punkt, Nadave Ravid of Botanika, Bunny on Acid, Amir Egozi, Juju & Jordash, Eran Malir, Goshaptichka, Yud Kei, YosTek, Choopie of Agnosia, Sharon Rezner, Astral Projection, Itai Rotstein, Adeway, Shmique, Tubi, BeN-HuR, Rami Tamar, Guy Shoham, Tokee of Dope Records, Amir Margalit, Roni Nachum, Nitzan Hermon of Fine Art Recordings, Sasha Irit Ashendorf, Assaf Bitton, Amotz Tokatly of Punch Music, Roey Tidhar, Maydan, Adi Neuman of STADJ, Guy Rotem aka Freedom, Tom Ba, Roei Wolfovitz, Shlomi B, Eyal B, Eyal Moshe of Jaffa Records, Lonya Koval of Asymmetric Recordings, Addicted2groove, Nir Ivenizki of Legotek Records, Matan Arkin, Yuval Nasty-habit, Miko Davny, Dina Kornveits, 8 Bit, Selket, Guy Dresher, Shlomi Zidan, Alon Gorsky and Guy Gerber.

Check our 2B Continued Podcast, Roman’s Added Value, Classic Lesson Session, Quest 42, Maneuvers in E, The Coalition, and our our ‘flagsheep’  Freya Nights On Fridays Israeli Djs’ Sets show, Here we broadcast live sets Every Friday start at 22:00 Israel time / 20:00 GMT Promote and exposes the most interesting Djs’ In Israel Electronic industry (e.g. ‘bedroom’ DJs).

Soon our site will be on air, The site will provide a stage for wide-ranging artists that don’t get the opportunity to be heard, that create unique, intelligent and colorful music.

The aim of the site is to promote mutual ideas and present artists freely and as they see fit.

After live broadcast from Toronto (Ryerson University) and France (4 Elements Bar) 2B continued is growing, getting full support by Labels, Groups and producers in addition to worldwide Djs such as Robert Vadney, Amir Groove, Q Burns Abstract, Leandro Maldonado, Lenny Higgins, Oxytek, Nikkolas Reseärch, Taras Van De Voorde, ray K, Dj Beyza, Stare Scene, Andy Doyle, Tyler Stadius, Melanie Sutherland, Richie Haynes, Dj Electric & Dj One, Fidel De Filippis, Alex Mar, Zeljko Joahimstal, Don Voorhies, Baril and more. Our live stream became familiar as the top quality underground sound from Israel side by side with radio station like Enation.FM (USA), Mixology Radio (USA), Play.FM (Austria), Discotheque Radio (Brazil), Nugen FM (Hungary), BSP Radio (USA), Deep Vibes Radio(UK), Radio 4 By 4 (Sweden), Pink City Beats (France), In My Radio / Italia Network (Italy), Safari Radio 104.7 (Greece), SUN (France), Decibel Station (France), SSRadio (UK), Ibiza Sonica (Spain).

All our Facebook press statuses, photos, links, videos from Israel and around the world are directly / indirect in contact and collaboration with us.

Thanks you all for great support and trust.
You can contact me here or at my personal E Mail:

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