2B Continued Podcast 6 – Sagi Haber

2B Continued Podcast presents and exposes the most creative artists of the Electronic Music Industry from Israel.

Music has always been there for Sagi who was an only child with no father. He absorbed Folk, Israeli, Greek and some Black music. As a curious human being he used to explore and look for sounds that excited him. When he was 13, he spent time at the Theatre Club where he was exposed to electronic music and night culture for the first time. He started working there as a lightning operator and part of the maintenance staff. Later, he played on the DJ’s work-stage occasionally, when the club was empty and had a chance to experienced his musical abilities. That was actually the first time he used professional equipment. His first official DJing was at the Touch Down club in Herzelia when he was 18.

Sagi had acquired knowledge and skills while playing unique music influenced mostly by House. Whenever he hang-out he was thinking of how to improve his music, enrich the audience and add some extra value through sounds.

Sagi Haber is a synonym for local legend in Israel. He played in almost any place in Tel Aviv during the ’90s – Touch Down, Liquid, Penguin, Shiroko, Alenbi 58, Real Time, Vertigo, Koo, Pacha, Koo Millennium, Lemon, Shchitut (means corruption), Dan Cinema and others. That was a meaningful period of time for the night scene in Israel.
Nowadays, Sagi is working on self productions, music and concept night. Also, he is a member of the jaffarecords label.

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