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It all started when Idan’s father brought home a double cassette tape, and as a curious teen he examined the new device with enthusiasm.

At the age of 8 he was exposed to Michael Jackson’s music which affected him tremendously and directed him towards Pop and Dance music. At 11 he received his first Disc-Man and discovered the Trance music. Later, thanks to Eyal Barkan’s single “Good Morning Israel”, he started listening to electronic music and fell in love. As a result, he bought CDs of varied electronic music artists like Sasha, Faithless and Chicken.
Between the years 1998 to 2001 he listened to “Club 99” intensively. It was a radio program that broadcasted dance, electronic and club music news at a local radio station called 99FM. Those days, club-trance music was very popular and since then he has been playing this music.

“I was drawn in to the tempo, the melodies and DJ’s world, but mostly to the idea that music connects people who come to clubs sharing one common purpose – dancing!”

At the age of 15 Idan tried to enter the big clubs (in Israel) in order to be exposed to the music and night scene. One of the most significant experiences he had was DJ Spider’s show at the Octopus Club in Tel Aviv. That was the first time he saw a show which was conducted by a DJ from abroad. Moreover, for the first time in his life he witnessed hundreds of people dancing like addicts to the sounds of a single DJ, and it was then when he realized that he wants to become a DJ and to be a part of this unique experience.

A year later he received (from his girlfriend) his firs record “Monoboy – The Music in You” which resulted in buying simple DJ’s equipment like record and CD players. He worked hard in occasional jobs in order to save enough money to buy his own music equipment. Later, during his high-school period, he decided to move forwards and get into the major scene, so he bought two record players (Vestax pdx 2000) and a mixer (Gemini PS-626).

During the first few months he stayed at home and became addicted to the velvety touch of the records, mixer, knobs switches and sounds. He taught himself everything; tempo, beat, sound mixing and beat- mixing. Every time he had saved some money he rushed into a record shop like Krembo Records or Funky Fish in Tel Aviv to buy new materials. Free Corstein, Tiesto, Armin Van Buren were a part of his music library collection. Then, some public relation people found interest in the new talent and arranged for him a premiere at The Fifth Dimension Club. After that he played in different clubs in Tel Aviv focusing on melodic club-trance.

In 2004 he took part in Thirst, a well known talent contest, sponsored by Heineken to find new unfamiliar DJs. In the beginning the contest was conducted by Paul Oakenfold and later on by Tiesto. Idan also played at Tiesto’s launching party for “In Search of Sunrise”, under Apple Productions, at the Dom Club in Tel Aviv. He played a special set which included Tiesto’s chosen hits and singles.

Today, he is in charge of a new program called ” Classic Lesson Session“, where he plays sets from his own private records’ collection. The program was created in order to remind the listeners of the clubs, sounds, spirit and people of earlier years; from the mid 90s to the beginning of the 21st century. It presents the classical trance; that is the milestone of trance music evolution. Idan gives mature sets while using live record players – just the kind of the fine nostalgic trance music that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Also, Idan continues to create original music and singles. His love for the night life and culture is expressed in photographing models in different and unusual locations and events of DJs who visited in Israel, such as Paul Oakenfold, Richie Hautin, Danny Tangelia, John Digweed, Tiesto, Armin Van Buren, Mark Atson and Luciano. He presents pictures that demonstrate the event through his directed eyes: DJ, lightning, atmosphere, audience, motives and sorruonding.

To conclude, creating music is an inseparable part of his life and he continues to improve and upgrade his sounds. Since he got to know the Frotti Loops in 2002, he has been producing original sets, and one of his most remarkable piece is Hortune – The E which is composed of the opening accords in the movie The Island.
Every once in a few weeks Idan plays at the Barracuda and he had two shows at the Oman 17 (in Tel Aviv). Lately he had signed a remix with Flash Brothers – Dosza named Idan Horta Remix under ACO Music (George Acusta’s Records) in Miami and it was played at DJ Shah’s radio program.

Classic Lesson Session 100 (Niv Margalit Guest Mix)(17.02.12)
2 years anniversary set of Classic Lesson Session show

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