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Niv Margalit

My artistic vision can be expressed solely by means of feeling and not via words.

Music, writing, creating and saying are an inseparable part of me. In time, they have all enabled me to focus my entirely on fulfilling and translating my thoughts and ideas into tunes and words; opening a window to the entire world.

I, Niv Margalit, founder and director of 2B Continued expose and introduce the most creative Israeli artists in the electronic music industry from IL.

Deep understanding of Israeli culture, the local market and music industry, along with spatial and close contact with local DJs and artists allows 2B Continued to be a link to new faces in addition to key figures in the electronic music industry in IL and abroad. Combining the above provides a tool to the artists, audience and the people, who wish to be seriously updated regarding every DJ and the electronic music scene itself.

2B Continued is an Israeli Internet site, a radio station and a label that focuses on any music style that contains electronic elements and sounds (e.g. electronic music). It is a form for artists and independent creators that puts the DJ at the center of the stage while using specific contents and task oriented platforms.

I believe that there is a huge unseen target audience, who waits for you out there and this is a great asset. Thus, if you want to acknowledge this, you must have understanding, powerful technology as well as special handling. Attentiveness and emotional care are the key to success, and I have learned that rising from difficulties hides within the ability to see the system’s weaknesses. This experience provides me with proper solutions to strengthen the system.

I can’t shape the artist’s character or create his or her personal image. Getting to know someone and learning his or her agenda are some of my goals and it is a process. Therefore, I am here to help, support, and take up challenges that the road to success might summon. Remember, hard work, persistence and determination are the small steps on the road to success. Fame and glory are the advanced steps in building an audience of fans and leaving your musical mark out there. My assumption is that if you have decided to work with me, then it is for a long term. Therefore, ‘to thine own self be true’, sincere and acknowledge your uniqueness, for there is only one you.

2B Continued has the means and exposure channels, which qualify the highest standards in the market. They vary from Internet radio, digital media, video and graphics, to distribution, printing, promotion deals, content and interview editing, contacts with labels and producers and counseling. All in one! My knowledge and experience in addition to my musical sense have always guided me successfully.

Music has been a part of me my entire life and it arouses varied feelings inside me. In addition, when particular music is played, it awakens people, places and moments from a specific time in my past. Also, if I hear a song for example, on the radio, it floods me with thoughts, emotions and faces from a forgotten event. The deep affinity towards my inner expression is a result of disappointments, achievements and feelings, so I have tunes for every love in my life.

I have always wanted to create music. The process of creating is complex, sisyphean, exciting and inviting. It brings my inner self out and makes me deal with repressed and stated thoughts.

Music is like a cure for the listener and a healing procedure for the creator, who is fulfilled with emotions and experiences that flood him throughout that process.

Creation is selfish, and it should be so. Therefore, I have to stick to my own truth without really taking the audience into consideration. Some artists and bands like to isolate themselves in a studio for hours, days, weeks and even months. Some even move to a distant area like a desert, a kibbutz or another place in the world. They choose to distance themselves from everything and focus on creating. This is how they avoid disturbances, daily routine, opinions and people in order to explore their inner soul depths and express that by writing music and singing. Their only analysis is their individual sense – what they hear and feel. It is selfish but whole. At a later phase, when the piece is released to the audience, all of the above unites into one body. Then, they can fall apart again and get back into a whole by clinging to past memories, utilizing the present to the fullest and looking forward to accepting the audience’s criticism.

Nowadays I am working on an electronic music album. I am not limiting myself to a specific style or genre. I sometimes combine singing and talking in my materials and I like to keep an open mind in the process. Furthermore, I explore the places of soul and sound by searching for my desires. I experience rebirth, suffering, difficulty, rejection and acceptance, remoteness and approachability – love, and mature with the piece. I discover that the process fulfills my world, emotions enfold me and, I get carried away by my work. Creating an album is not an easy process so only when I feel that I have reached it and I have what I want, will I reveal its contents. By the time the album is finished, I will release singles and DJ sets with original materials. This brings me to another stage in my process and contribution to the Israeli electronic music industry under a new label – 2B Continued Records. Therefore, it is a privilege to have you with me, familiar or unfamiliar, many or some.

2B Continued Records is part of my character, it is me. I would like to expose local beginning Israeli artists as well as artists from around the world. Creation has no boundaries nor places, and it has no color, race or age. The label is not modified to a certain music style, especially because no one knows how to make people start or stop feeling, yet. Everyone can feel but it is exhibited in a different way, act and say.

Once I try to convey emotion in words, you will discover it is hard and even complicated. Cleansing comes with tears; a tear is proof and my best friend.


Niv Margalit – 2B Continued Records Mix (Spring 2015) /Available & Future to come on 2B Continued Records.

1. Niv Margalit – Endless Love – (2B Continued Records)
2. Niv Margalit – Touching You In All The Right Places – (2B Continued Records)
3. Niv Margalit – Axiom – (2B Continued Records)
4. Niv Margalit – Gates of Psyche – (2B Continued Records)
5. Niv Margalit – So Many Ways – (2B Continued Records)
6. Niv Margalit – From Zero – (2B Continued Records)
7. Niv Margalit – Restrained – (2B Continued Records)
8. Seediq Bale – The Soul of Seediq Bale (OST) (Niv Margalit Edit) – (2B Continued Records)

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