2B Continued Podcast 49 – Tal M. Klein

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Tal M. Klein is an artist who refuses to be constrained by the limitations of any particular genre. He is known for his trip hop work as Trancenden, his chill out project Bovine Transmissions, his sleazy stylings with Anthony Mansfield as AM/TM, and of course his party breaks records with Goodgroove as one half of the Sly Players.

But when releasing work under his own name, the most consistent musical attributes of a Tal M. Klein song do not include a snug genre fit, but rather quality and creativity. Tal would never allow anyone to call him a professional musician; he is a regular guy who happens to have an incurable addiction to music making.
Like his production work, Tal’s DJ eschew genres and tempos in favor of content and continuity.

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Tal M. Klein – 2B Continued Podcast 49

1. AM/TM – Sleaze Please
2. Miles Rice – 13th Eclipse
3. Sleaz – Beautiful (Amine Edge edit)
4. Michael Wheatley – Just Unreal (A Haus Of Ill Repute remix)
5. The Supermen Lovers – Say No More (Scohko dub)
6. Sleazy McQueen – What I Need
7. Maelstrom – Petrichor
8. Headman – Anarachy
9. Lost Idol – Chip Funk
10. Quincy Jointz – The Place (Flashbaxx Raw Disco Cut)
11. Tal M. Klein – Exhaustasaurus (Casbah 73 remix)

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