2B Continued Podcast 48 – Litty Lev

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Litty Lev Cohen’s inherent love for music began when she was a mere baby. Her father used to play her Stevie Wonder, The Police, Tangerine Dream and Elton John before sleep. From then onwards, her obsessive passion for a wide range of musical genres and styles continued to evolve. From the age of 6, litty compiled 4-hour cassete mixtapes that included hits from international charts, which ignited her love for Italo Disco and electronic music. Growing up in London, she experienced a vast range of indie and experimental music, as well as electronic music and rave culture.

At different given times in her life, Litty engaged with a particular musical style and lineage, whether it be 12-string guitar blues, to Space jazz and Exotica, or Acid House and Ambient music. In 1999, she moved to New York where she began her Artistic studies to pursue a career as a Visual Artist. Her Artistic career prevailed along with her passion for music and DJing. Her artistic process requires much patience and cerebral activity, whereas performing as a dj allows for an immediate effect and a direct dynamic between her and the crowd on the dance floor.

Since her return to Israel in 2007, Litty has been DJing in the most renowned bars and clubs in Tel-Aviv, namely the ‘Breakfast Club’, ‘Radio EPGB’, ‘Michatronix’ and the infamous ‘Block’, to name but a few. In December of 2012 Litty ended her weekly residency at the thriving club, Shlagzane where she spun mostly a wide range of house musical styles. From Chicago House, to New York garage of the early 90s to contemporary music by the most innovative producers around.

Litty is determined to make a positive change in Israeli dance culture, exposing underground electronic music to a wider audience and placing Israeli musical talents on the global map. Interview with Litty Lev

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