2B Continued Podcast 45 – Juju & Jordash

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Juju & Jordash met over a decade ago in Haifa. They each had their own lives going on at the time, but found one another through weekly be-bop jams, with Juju AKA Gal Aner on guitar and Jordash AKA Jordan Czamanski on piano. Throughout the 1990s, each played in and composed for various jazz and experimental combos by day and, by cover of night, dancing in clubs and experimented with dance music.

J&J have released numerous EP, LPs and remixes since 2004 on record labels such as Dekmantel, Golf Channel Recordings and on Workshop as Magic Mountain High, together with David Moufang (aka Move D), as well as several ambient, film soundtracks and multimedia projects.
They are based in Amsterdam at the moment.

They love and hate you all

Selected discography of Juju & Jordash

Juju & Jordash – The Hush EP (Psychostasia/ Detroit) 2005
Walter M. Jones featuring Juju & Jordash – The Ballad of Johnny Velocity (Cisco/ Tokyo)
Juju & Jordash – Blue Plates EP (Real Soon/ London) 2007
Juju & Jordash – Time Slip EP (Real Soon/ London) 2007
Juju & Jordash – Major Mishap LP (Rope A Dope) 2008
Juju & Jordash / Keith Worthy – Subterranean Episodes (Aesthetic Audio) 2008
Juju & Jordash/Dubbyman/Ordell/Ernie – Gran Deep Auto (Menuendo) 2008
Juju & Jordash / Juju Christian Treuter – Juju-Music Sampler (Juju-Music) 2009
Juju & Jordash – Dekmantel EP (Dekmantel) 2009
Juju & Jordash – Hired Guns EP (Downbeat ) 2009
Juju & Jordash – Juju & Jordash (2xLP, Album) (Dekmantel) 2009
Juju & Jordash – Tattoo’s Island EP (Philpot) 2010
Juju & Jordash – Quasi Quasi (Dekmantel) 2010/2011
Juju & Jordash / Downbeat – Solar Oasis – Downbeat Black label 2011
Juju & Jordash / Young Marco – Rush Hour Presents Amsterdam All Stars MMXI Rush Hour Recordings 2011
Juju & Jordash – Unleash The Golem Part 1- Golf Channel Recordings 2011
Juju & Jordash / Morphosis – Dekmantel Anniversary Series Part 1 Dekmantel 2011
Juju & Jordash – Jewsex – Golf Channel Recordings 2012
Juju & Jordash – Techno Primitivism LP- Dekmantel – 2012

In addition, a lot of shared Eps/compilations and about a dozen remixes, Keep on all going on with Juju & Jordash

2B Continued Podcast 45 – Juju & Jordash
CTI – Well Spring Of Life
Sun Ra Arkestra meets Salah Ragab – Dawn
Howard Shore/Ornette Coleman – Interzone Suite
Can – Peking O
David Lynch/Alan Spelt – Eraserhead OST
Juju & Jordash – Coffin Train
Michael Obst – Crystal World
Dub Specialist – Dakar
Scientist – The Voodoo Curse
Dub Syndicate – Crucial Tony Tries To Rescue The Space Invaders (With Only 10p)
Jon Hassel – Dabari extension
Smackos – Unicorn Airlines
CTI – Sidereal

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