PodIUmix 9 – Tubi – Dub Me to the Moon

Tubi on 2B Continued

Q: Where and how was your podcast recorded?
Tubi: It was recorded at home and in my living room, using a couple of good old Technics turntables, a Vestax PMC-250 mixer (a bit squeaky at its old age), a MacBook laptop and Traktor Skratch Pro. The mix was recorded directly to the Traktor’s soundcard as WAV and later on translated to MP3 in iTunes.

Q: Tell us a bit about the idea behind this podcast. Is there a specific moment in it you like the most?
Tubi: There were actually two ideas behind it. The first was to share the spirit of the years when I started listening to electronic music to the listeners. This was the 90’s spirit and the musical freedom that thrived in compilations such as “Trance Europe Express. Those were the days when music stores had an “Electronic Section” but nothing was divided into genres. Most electronic music back then was called Techno (or Trance in Israel).
The second idea was Dub. I believe (and apparently I’m not the only one) that Dub is the genre (or the studio method) with the most influence on dance music since the day it was invented. Everyone owes something to dub – from Disco to Raggacore.
I think my favorite moment is the intro track taken from one of the first electronic albums I ever bought – “U.F.Orb”, Orb’s second album from 1992. It’s a very English track with an almost Monty Python-ish, which I believe represents the Orb’s approach to music in the best way possible, saying that “you can make intelligent music without losing your sense of humor” and also that “anything goes”.

Q: When did you start djing and what got into it in the first place?
Tubi: The beginning was around 1995 playing in roof parties in Tel-Aviv’s Florentine neighborhood, made by friends and for friends. I started playing there simply because I was the one with the most relevant CDs. We used to start at noon or towards sundown with ambient and Dub music and usually got to Acid, Hose and Techno four hours later. After I was done there was usually a Psychedelic Trance Dj playing Mini-Discs. A year later I already bought vinyls in Berlin and two years later I had my first opportunity to play pitch-controlled turntables in “The Scratch” (in Tel-Aviv).

Q:  Who (or what) inspires you when you play music? Has your inspiration changed over the years?
Tubi: I don’t get inspired during a set but rather try to be full of inspiration before I even step into the booth. That means doing my homework, understanding where the party is and what it’s all about and pulling together the right music. In other words there’s nothing like a good record bag (or nowadays a good folder in Traktor). This doesn’t mean I know all my music selections will work but it does mean I know my music and ready to pass it on to the crowd.

Q: “Jackin” was a party line born and raised within the “Barzilay” walls, and the place where you had musical freedom. Now with the Barzilay closed where is Jackin headed? Are its days over or are there thoughts about taking it elsewhere?
Tubi: Jackin was the Barzilay’s main party line and as such it wasn’t “ours”. Me and Yaron “Deep’a” made quite a few dreams come true there and played with people we used to just admire. The Barzilay may be closed but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to party anymore. There are already some parties planned, big ones and small ones.

Q: Not many people know Tubi outside the Dj booth. Tell us about him. What are his hobbies and what (aside from music) makes him smile?
Tubi: I’m a graphic designer by profession and it’s my day job. I was always intrigued by the connection between music and its visual aspect, and luckily I mainly design for the local music industry. My family makes me smile and especially my daughter who in the past three years has been a constant source of smiles for me.

Q: In the past a techno purist and today a Dj of many genres, some considered from a deeper niche than the “old techno”. How do you explain the change?
Tubi: You can read my answer to your second question but I’ll elaborate a bit more. I was indeed connected mainly to the local Techno scene but this doesn’t mean I only played Techno. I was never really a purist and always played Electro, House and various less defined electronic genres, only back then underground parties were mostly all about Techno or Jungle, so obviously I was automatically affiliated with those genres after playing in those parties.

Q: Vinyls, Cd’s or MP3’s? Explain
Tubi: Vinyls are still my favorite format and I try to play as close to vinyls as possible. Today in the current circumstances it’s more high-quality digital files played using time-coded vinyls with light backup from real vinyls containing mostly classics and new stuff that just doesn’t get to digital formats.

Q: After so many years in the Dj booth in various parties, lines and locations not to mention loads of experience, can you pinpoint a single “most important” event? Tell us about it.
Tubi: After such a long time in this business, as you well wrote, how can you expect me to remember? Hmm, if I have to select one or two then perhaps the 2001 warm up set for Ellen Allien in the TLV club. That was the first time I warmed up for a very big name (I believe she was at her best back then) in a big club and a successful party in which I was involved. Another exciting event was playing in the Sonar festival in 2007, and how can I not mention our old “Exercise” party with Sebo K. That was the first party I was involved in together with some good friends where we hosted an artist we believed in. That night everything worked like a charm and combined into an amazing party.

Q: Imagine yourself ten years from now and tell us what you see.
Tubi: It’s interesting because I’m currently where some of the young readers will probably be ten years from now, so I hope that in ten years I’ll keep on doing what I love, be surrounded by people that I love, never get bored and don’t do stupid or embarrassing things in front of my kids.

Q: Complete the sentence: “In past life I was probably ______ “
Tubi: A wheel. (Note: this sounds much better in Hebrew).

Q: The last question is one that relates to the future of the Israeli nightlife scene. We choose not to set any boundaries and note any of the processes its going through, but to keep a clean slate and let you talk about the direction you believe it’s going now and in the coming years – musically and personally.
Tubi: I honestly don’t think I’m qualified to answer this question. It reminds me of an interview with Omar S. I read a while ago where he was asked about “the musical talents coming out of Detroit and what’s his explanation for the phenomenon” or some questions in the same spirit. He simply answered “Why the hell do you ask me such a question? Who do you think I am…f***ing Derrick May?!

01 The Orb – Towers Of Dub [Island]
02 Burning Spear – Farther East Of Jack [Mango]
03 Aardvarck – 1ne [Bloom]
04 Douglas Greed – Lakorana [Freude Am Tanzen]
05 Komet – Steam (Tramway V Remix) [False Ind.]
06 Sinner DC – Glass Alley (360 Remix) [Ai Records]
07 Torgo – I Take Care Of The Place [Pretty Neat Records]
08 Quest – Deep Inside [Deep Medi Musik]
09 Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me [Hessle Audio]
10 Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience [Affine Records]
11 Meat Beat Manifesto & The Orb – 1855 BC [Malicious Damage]
12 Pathic – Tick Tock [Ai Records]
13 Patrice Baumel – Sub [Trouw]
14 Daniel Meteo – Audio Quattro [Shitkatapult]
15 Midnight Star – Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix) [MASK500]
16 Duplex – Am Depth [Field Records]
17 The Other People Place – You Said You Want Me [Warp Records]
18 Frank De Wulf – Orbital Ways [Music Man]
19 Marco Bernardi – Emotionle (Part I) [Creme Organization]
20 Recloose – Soul Clap 2000 [Planet E Communications/Rush Hour]
21 The Mole – Nervous Disid [New Kanada]
22 69 – Sub Seducer – Long Mix [Planet E Communications]
23 The Godson – Analog Love [Rush Hour]
24 Xanadu and Sweet Lady – Rapper’s Delight (Dubber’s Delight edit Parts 1 & 2 by Mark Wayward)
25 Massive Attack vs Mad Professor – I Spy (Spying Glass) [Gyroscope / Wild Bunch Records]

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