The Particle Group

The Particle Group is Kobi Shmuely, He  was born in Kfar Saba in 1979. For his 4th birthday he asked for a piano and since then he writes and plays music.
As a child at school he started listening to Rock and some Heavy Metal, especially Metalica, Alice in Chain, and Sound Garden. Later, he found interest in Jazz music; Johan Koltrain in particular, Classical music and progress Rock that really connected him to the analogic synthesizer sound.

After he finished his army service he started to learn playing the saxophone in Rimon Music School for Jazz, in Tell Aviv. In those days he also found interest in Electronic music thanks to the first Album by Lamb. Step by step, he got to know more groups, bands and individual electronic artists while his big inspiration was Amon Tobin, Chemical Brothers, Cold Cut, and Mouse on Mars.

At 2010 he finished his degree in Sound Engineering at Sapir College.
He creates his own sound from zero. Kobi plays with samples and different recorded material and starts to make new sounds. When he likes the sounds, he continues to build the track around them. Sometimes he creates more complex sounds at the beginning of the track and he starts with melodies in harmony, and adds more layers and sounds.

“I can start with a guitar, synthi, beat or any sound I flow with and then create a loop. Sometimes I can’t find a good sound layer to the loop and this process takes longer. My sound is characterised in live guitars & pads and dirty old school. ”

Q: Do you perform live with equipment or just play tracks like a Dj ?
Kobi: I perform with live equipment; Nord and Groove Box, and every channel is controlled live. In the beginning I was a little concerned because my materials are not standard, but later on the vibes from the audience were really great and it pushed me forward.

Q: What do you think about the electronic music scene in Israel these days?
Kobi: Everyone knows that Israel is a trance empire. Up until a few years ago different types of music like IDM, break beet and big beet were not very popular. In addition, there were a few clubs that gave a stage for this kind of music. Nowadays, the situation is different thanks to MySpace, Sound Cloud, YouTube and other sites. People are more exposed to original and new sounds, as well as to to this kind of music.

Kobi is continuing creating new materials and is working on his live show. He is aiming towards Germany, UK and Canada. As he says: ” Loose the pose and start to play”

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