Roman’s Added Value

Since young age Roman Gilman find himself step in to the Records library at home.  From time to time screech one or others,  that his parents know to tell.
In 9 years old Roman became a strictly radio listener with direction from his sister to Black music roots and Michel Jackson songs. This all are submerged in Roman experience. after  accompany childhood by all the Euro Dance pop boys groups, Roman turn to Melodic Trance music, For An Angel by Paul Van Dyke effect him deeply and he became to be kind of information Wiki  to labels, producers , talents and scene news.

Roman did not stay apathetic to his love to music and at 14 years old he starts work in 2 Music stores.  Soon start to acquire and explorer new sounds gospel, Jazz, from Oliver Shanti to Alternative & Electronic wide range sounds. Roman listen in devotion just everything that get into the Cd. While one of his manger store was an retired Clubber who tourist all over Europe including the Mythological Heisendya, the opportunity to explore music was in one shelf reached. In exchange to his work Roman was prefer to take Cds instead of money, every weekend Roman bring with him a full packet of cds which swallow his music thirst.

” how you explain way Bulevard by Saint Germain it’s a magical Album and why the junk science by Deep Dish is one of the best thing that created in the past century quarter “

The internet break any barrier, the information accessibility is endless , music spread, trance became less relevant, Roman run in memories time to the 90s House music till Disco of 1970. Every time he surprised and astounded by the music and dj he discover.  More new talents and party’s experience build his character.
Here we are in this days Roman influence by sweet deep house to Dub dark Techno with wink to New disco and big Room Tech house.
Roman is Part of Group called N Factorial: few mathematicians who figure the cyclicality (infinite repeating decimal) connection between art, numbers & music who progress an individual thinking and uncompromised sound motivate by dedicated club night events in Israel with names like: Chymera-Ireland, Stimming-Germany, Wicked Wilma-Switzerland, Fairmont-CanadaMove D- Germany, Deadbeat-Canada, Ellen Allien-Germany, Nina Kraviz-Russia, Shackleton United Kingdom.

The mature altitude educated, sound devotion, experience and Romans’ added value are necessitate him to share it with the all of us.

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