2B Continued Podcast 2 – Amir Egozy

2B Continued Podcast presents and exposes the most creative artists of the Electronic Music Industry from Israel. 

Amir Egozy made his first DJ steps back in 2000 (actually debuting on the millennium), and soon became the first DJ and resident (and also artistic manager) of Tel-Aviv’s leading music orientated and long standing lounge, Shesek. Throughout the years he has written for and vice-edited Israel’s DJ Mag (“DJ Ha-ir” R.I.P.), handled bookings at the much missed Sofabeat club, coordinated the local activities of the Red Bull Music Academy for about 4 years, and in 2006 compiled & edited “Undercurrents”, a 12 track overview of the local underground music scene, which exposed diverse local talents such as Kutiman, Radiotrip, Polar Pair, Yoav B, Guy Gerber & Kalbata.

Egozy has become one of the most esteemed DJs in Tel Aviv, by combining his ever growing knowledge of music with a deep comprehension of people, sound-systems, trends and the history of dance music. His weekly podcast on Israel’s most popular website, Walla!, helped cementing his stature, with a wide eyed selection and impeccable mixing skills making this podcast the most popular music podcast in Israel.

Over the years he has evolved as a DJ, covering the full BPM spectrum, from deep, organic soulful and downtempo sets at the Shesek, to full on club sets, or performing live with Onili and their improvised DJ-MC sessions, further expanding his skills & versatility.

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