Camel Drop Crew are  Adam Mados ''Scarz”  and Mark Vilther ''Munchiez” - Brings the breakbeat to the South

Camel Drop Crew Interview

Q: Who stands behind Camel Drop Crew?
CDC: We are two DJs. Adam Mados aka “Scarz”, and Mark Vilther aka “Munchiez”.
“Scarz” was born in Beer-Sheba in 1989. He used to skate and paint most of the time. Scarz was exposed to Drum and Bass music when he watched a skating video in 2005. The movie is called Darkstar Batallion. One of the movie’s sound tracks was played by Amon Tobin; Sordid. This track inspired Scarz to enter the Drum and Bass music scene.
“Scarz” Mados is characterized by playing drum and bass music, liquid tech-step and drumstep. Scarz is also responsible for editing all the promotion video clips that they use in their parties.

”Munchiez” was born in 1989 in Ukraine. He immigrated to Israel in 1998 and settled in the south. His first encounter with the genre was thanks to a collegue friend, Lina, who took him to a dubstep party at the “Barzily Club” and since then, he says he met his true love. Munchiez” plays dubstep, liguid bass, deep bass and filthstep. He is also the art designer of their party flyers.

Q: How did you come up with the name Camel Drop Crew?
CDC: CAMEL was chosen because we live in the southern city Beer Sheba, which is called in Israel The Capital of the Negev. The Negev is a desert, and like other deserts, one of its symbols is the camel. Beer Sheba is surrounded with camels and we see them all the time. DROP refers to the sounds that we play – we drop tunes to our music.

Q: How did you team up?
CDC: We were good friends in our youth. We used to skate and listen to heavy metal together.
The army had taken us to a different ways, but after a few years we met again at a Dubstep parties in Tel Aviv. We went to many bass parties in Israel and while doing that we felt that this kind of music is missing in Beer Sheba. Therefore, we decided to bring the message to the Capital of the Negev. We were really surprised to discover that the southern audience was excited and open to this kind of music and there’s great demand to it.

“We felt that this kind of music is missing in Beer Sheba. Therefore, we decided to bring the message to the Capital of the Negev”


Tell us about the electronic music scene in Beer Sheba.
CDC: The electronic music here in the south is very colorful, and the major scene is Trance and Psychedelic Trance. There are many club / outdoor parties that host known DJS from outside who play with the local southern DJs. The two leading clubs are BARAKA and FORUM which often perform big productions. However, our music style – drum and bass – hasn’t penetrated into the southern audience awareness yet. In addition, one of the largest institutions in Beer Sheba, Ben-Gurion University, which produces great street parties for the students, is giving a stage to the mainstream music, and we feel that it is not open, yet, to our kind of music. We really hope that this concept would change so we could be a part of it in the future.

Q: How does your geographic location affect your work?
CDC: The main difficulty here in the south and in Beer Sheba is the terrorism attack from Gaza Strip. Some of our events were cancelled due to the massive rockets attacks and fragile security situation. Another difficulty was that most of the clubs in the south were not familiar with Dubstep and drum & bass music, so they disregarded us and there were rarely any parties. However, things have changed here since we established Camel Drop Crew.

Today, we have events twice a month and we are getting more recognition in Israel. We hosted some big Israeli producers and DJs like Vibes Attack, Submob, Shekel and Nechi Nech, Boosleg, Dj Pipe, Fuss, Red Eye Family, Plug-in Crew, Shoko Luuv and Missgosha, DJ Adi Lev, Bassick, Pilot Brothers, Tetrix Bass, Bleh and others. Also, we did a collaborative project with Noise Industry at the Baraka club. This was a successful experience and thanks to our hard work, Camel Drop Crew got in to the people’s awareness in the south.

Q: Where have you performed?
CDC: Grace Bar in Beer Sheba is our home club and we also played in the Forum, Baraka and Ha-Halutz 33. We’ve also played in clubs in Jerusalem (Bass Club), in Tel Aviv (Lima Lima, Barbie, Volt, Levantine 7, Sublime), in Ashdod (Lotus Bar), in Hadera (Kinsey) and in Kiryat Haim (Ha Nemala).

Q: What can we expect from you in this coming year?
CDC: This year we will continue bringing this music culture to the south. Tel Aviv’s “crazy” scene inspires and pushes us forwards. We believe that we are bringing something fresh and interesting. What drives us to continue with this project is the crowd that comes to every party and supports us big time. Also, Israeli DJs and producers show more support in us. We are hoping to grow and have big street parties not just in Beer-Sheba, but also in festivals in Israel, and host more famous DJs from abroad.

2B Continued Podcast 42 – Munchiez 

01. Dj First Aid – Bombaclat (feat. Pulsar)
02. Kromestar – Trianglez feat. Dark Tantrums
03. Skream – Rollin
04. Brownz – They Don’t Sleep
05. Tes La Rok – Invasion
06. NDread – Hypnotize
07. Brownz & Requake – Creep
08. P0gman – Rigged
09. Filth Collins – Fatboy Riddem
10. Zomby – Spliff Dub (Sukh Knight Remix)
11. Le Cousin – That Coochy (Requake Remix)
12. P0gman – Hot Gun
13. Squalid Squad – Spacematik
14. Bulletproof – Exhale
15. P0gman & Getter – Smokin’
16. Badklaat – Head Top
17. 16 Bit – Boston Cream
18. Giant – Iron Man
19. Bukez Finezt – The Punch
20. Giant – Collins Booster
21. Zeds Deads – Hit Me
22. WOM, Mat Tha Hat – Dirty Doris
23. 12th Planet, Skrillex & Kill the Noise – Burst
24. True Tiger – Eyeball
25. Subscape – Screw Up VIP
26. Millions Like Us – Move in Closer
27. Modestep – Sunlight (2011) (Jacob Plant Remix)
28. Foreign Beggars – Contact (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
29. Kanye West – Mercy (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz)
30. Kanye West – Mercy (Figure Remix)
31. KillaGraham – Arise
32. Cypress Hill & Rusko – Shots Go Off
33. Muffler, Bare – Megatronik (Pixel Fist Remix)
34. Static Function – Axon
35. Dodge & Fuski – Guettastep
36. Skism – Power (Eptic Remix)
37. Crissy Criss – Murder Tune
38. Bare – Fahrenheit
39. Dj Hazard – Machete (Nostalgia Kills the Badguy Bootleg)
40. xCore – Hello
41. Nosia – Machine Gun (16Bit Remix)
42. Knife Party – Fire Hive
43. Sub Focus, Chase & Status – Flashing Lights (Killsonik Remix)

2B Continued Podcast 43 – Scarz 

1. DRS- Playing with fire (feat dub phizix)
2. Minor rain- templar
3. Artifice- Aint a game
4. Bredren- habitat
5. Intraspekt- black ice
6. Mefjus- Far too close
7. Amoss- Real talk
8. Spectrasoul- The tube VIP
9. L33- Step ahead
10. Rene lavice- Headlock
11. Amoss- Lockedin
12. Survival & Octane & DLR- Transition
13. L33- 60 hertz
14. Basher- Devotion
15. Skeptical- Blue eyes
16. Dub phizix- breathe
17. Pennygiles, Roygreen & Protone- Entity
18. Chris.SU & Falkon- disoriented
19. Hybrid minds- Hitch hiker (feat Anile)
20. Scinetyc- Distant part
21. Break & Calyx & Teebee- Dont look down
22. Nymfo and June miller- Boshoven
23. Icicle & Nymfo- Franky mountain
24. Krakota- Scraper
25. S.P.Y-back again
26. Maztek- galactica
27. Mindscape & audio- Jarhead
28. Mefjus- dogs&frogs
29. June miller- Turning point
30. EMperor- Monolith
31. Optiv,BTK- Start it again
32. Noisia & The upbeats- Dustup
33. Optiv & BTK- Beserker
34. Insight and Digital hunters- Lost minds

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