2B Continued Podcast 39 – Ella Gotman

Presents and exposes the most creative artists of the Electronic Music Industry from Israel.

In 1992-93 Ella Gotman, now Israel’s top techno-trance DJ, was playing dance house for a pirate radio station. Within time she moved to a national radio station where she pioneered a weekly trance program with guest DJs and live acts from Israel and Europe.

In 1995 she began playing Goa trance music at several parties and raves across Israel. She Started writing music reviews for a weekly magazine and in 1996 and presented the “Top 10 Chart” of dance and house videos on television.
The same year she established herself in the dance division of Hed-Arzi Records, as head of electronic division, one of Israel’s leading record companies that represents major dance labels from around the world.

Ella’s work in the dance music industry is demonstrated in a series of Techno/Trance compilations from 1996 until the present. She released 7 compilation cds among them are the famous release – Gotmans space mix & alien disco.

In 1997 she signed with krembo records and DJ booking agency, becoming representative for the label’s sub-company, Krembo Beats. She continues to play hard trance and house regularly in the top clubs of Israel including Alenbi 58 club, the Ku-Millenium, Pacha, Forum and many others.

Her club tours and gigs at the Tel aviv Loveparades across Israel, Berlin and Vienna, Hard techno trance gigs at mayday – Germany , inner city, dance valley – Holland,   and many more, have established her as a unique DJ in Israel’s techno scene and has lead to internationally gigs across Europe, South Africa and the USA.

In 2002 Ella Gotman stopped playing at parties, she was upset of political situation in Israel which affected directly the rave scene.
In 2004 until today she plays once a month at the leading Tel aviv clubs. These days you can catch her playing progressive techno at the Cat and Dog club in Tel Aviv.

2B Continued Podcast 39 – Ella Gotman

1. Babylon Fallin – Dj Sneak
2. Bastille days – Technasia
3. Brain twister – Martine Woerner (feos& leiche)
4. House is House – Christian Smith
5. Hold on wait a minute – Bushwacka
6. Margot – Liuff Settanta
7. Domino – Oxia
8. James Beniez – Martine Gore

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