2B continued Podcast 36 36B 37 Eddie Mis Special edition - Presents and exposes the most creative artists of the Electronic Music Industry from Israel (Photographer: Liran Kaminer)

2B Continued Podcast 36/ 36B / 37 – Eddie Mis

2B Continued Podcast Presents and exposes the most creative artists of the Electronic Music Industry from Israel.

Special Edition

Eddie Mis started his music career in 1985 when he became the resident dj at Penguin, the first New Wave club in Tel Aviv Israel, and was the first to Djing and introduce EBM (Electronic Body Music)to Israel. In 85 Eddie began performing in an industrial band called Giant Gosh. in 86 He started a new Electronic band called Autograph. In ’88 Eddie discovered Acid House which inspired him to bring his sound to the dancefloor.

In 1993 Eddie is the first Israeli DJ / Producer to release his music in the German techno industry, he released several maxi singles on various German labels such as Labwork, Uptown, Trigger, Nephilim, Cosmophilia. As well as two artist albums, Trance Mix 3 and Trance Nova Express ( Phonokol and Melodia Records ). Eddie hit the European market on various compilations on well known labels such as Dragonfly, Phantasm, Nephilim, Cosmophilia, Sub Terranean, Why Not Records, Prizm Lab, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Psychic Deli, Melodia, Krembo, Phonokol, Hed Arzi, BNE, to name a few.

Eddie introduced his new music which later became known as Israeli psychedelic trance. In ’96-97, Eddie released one of the most successful artist albums in the Goa psychedelic trance genre under the name, The Promised Land. Track 1 from the album is X-file (Monkey mix) became a mega hit that has since been remixed by well known artists in the trance and house scenes such as Armin & Dj Johan, Cyber Mix and Jon the Dentist Remix, Quirk, Mark Allen & Tim Healey on SPV and on labels such as Planetary Consciousness, Camouflage Records, Lightning Records and Bonzai Records.

In 2000 Eddie Produced and released an artist album in the downtempo free style genre under his second label Funtech Records.

In 2002 Eddie started an independent Psy trance label called Lunamusic. Produced and released three maxi singles and an artist album under the name Double Impact, Zero.

In 2004 Eddie began a project which was a unique blend of electro funk dance music under the name rEpOp.

In 2006 Eddie Introduced a new label called Acix Recordings, and released ACIX001, a 3 track 12” single entitled “The Higher Place”, morphing between Minimal Acid and Tech House with a Trance melodic feel.

In 2009-2010 Eddie reseled his U.S full artist album Rabbit Dream on his own label Acix recordings.

Eddie moved to Israel in 2011, and working on his new album… a few new releases will be drop on the market in fall 2012.

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1986. 2B Continued Podcast 36 Back to the Penguin, is Eddie first ever DJ set which represent the material he was played in the club at the 80s.

1. Take One – Front 242.
2. Let Me Go – Heaven 17
3. Obsession (12″ Remix Version) – Animotion
4. Don’t Tell Me – Blancmange
5. I Love A Man In Unifo Gang Of Four – Gang Of Four
6. Wordy Rappinghood – Tom Tom Club
7. Change [*][Extended Version] – Tears For Fears
8. Love & Pride (Body And Soul Mix) – King
9. Love Song – Simple Minds
10. Love Like Blood (Version) – Killing Joke
11. The Blood – The Cure
12. Killing Moon – Echo & bunnyman
13. The last song – Trisomie 21
14. A Rock And A Hard Place_ Sisters Of Mercy
15. A Means to an End – Joy Division
16. Next One Is Real (Radio Remix) – Minimal Compact
17. Metal Dance – SPK

1993 1994 2B Continued Podcast 36B Created the first line of Acid House music in Tel-Aviv at the early 90s years and open the door for new horizons.

1. Brain 3 – Acid FLY
2. Spect R – This is Acid
3. F.U.S.E.- F.U.2
4. Joey Beltram – energy flash
5. Emmanuel Top – Turkish Bazar
6. Emmanuel Top – Ecsta-Deal
7. Kinetico – Driving
8. Hardfloor – Acperience 1
9. Microwave Prince – Cyclic Evolutio
10.Resistance D – Cosmic Love

2012. 2B continued Podcast 37. still developing his sound and search for new directions, working on his album that will be released in fall 2012.

1. Yesterday & Today – Monty Luke
2. I Haven’t Seen Much – Ripperton
3. Fraction – Mike Dehnert
4. Primavera (Petar Dundov Remix) – Spada & Emmanuel
5. Astral Projection (Destructo Remix) – Strip Steve
6. Black Cloud – Candyblasta
7. From Above – Trickski
8. Lostfound – Francis Harris
9. Happy Hardcore Still Works – 16 Bit Lolitas
10.Move Your Body Feel Like This – Jay Tripwire
11.The Size – Eats Everything
12.637 (Feat Etienne Jaumet) – The Big Crunch Theory
13.Lost In A Moment – Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge

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