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Born in Berlin & grew up in Munich. At the age of 6 my family relocated to Israel.
Feeling of detachment  estrangement and uprootedness accompany me ever since. Those issues are represented in many ways in most of my works. I move between Israel and Germany and photograph in both countries.

I still photograph with Medium format cameras using film. I use many types of cameras in this format, it really depends on the subject or the concept or the feelings I want to project.

I studied  photography and art at Westminster University  in London and at Midrasha art college in Beit Berl Israel and graduated in 2005.

In 2007 I  co-founded d&a Gallery for Contemporary Photography in Tel Aviv, in 2009 it became a space for cooperative activity of 10 artists/ photographers. I was partner and a member in this group which lasted only a year. in 2010 a new group  of 10 independent artists was formed who changes the name of the gallery from d&a to Indie. I am now a member of this group.

Indie gallery for photography 57 Yehuda halevi St. tel aviv Israel. for more info please write to diorvin@gmail.com visit Daniela Orvin

I made 2 sets for this project, the first set is a short and intensive one, it is called “a true story set” not only because there is a track in the mix called by this name but because it reflects a real biographical story in my eyes. Sometimes it is hard for me to express in words some things I have experienced and it comes out better in my art or in music. It is really more a piece of art in my eyes than a danceable set.

The second set is a groovier one, I just went back to my funky roots and tired to interweave some soul, funk and disco elements in a still contemporary mix which should be a nice, light and fun set

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2B continued Podcast 35B – A True story set by Daniela Orvin

1. Neugodni Miomirisi (Original Mix) Hadji
2. Lost Contact (Original) – Michaelangelo
3. Blind Probe Head (Original Mix) – Ben Gibson
4. Linear Function (Original Mix) – Samuli Kemppi
5. Fifty (Original Mix) – Stanislav Tolkachev
6. Sun’s Energy (Original Mix) – Energun
7. Shoegaze (Edit Select Dub Mix) – Speedy J
8. Mortality (Original Mix) – Julien H Mulder
9. Higia (Original Mix) – Oscar Mulero
10. True Story (Original Mix) – Snap 9A

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Daniela Orvin 2B Continued Podcast 35

1. You Should Have Known By Now – Original Mix Chuck Cogan
2. Hand Up For The Count (Original Mix) Nathan G
3. YamYam08a (Original Mix) Yam Yam
4. Dynamic – Original The Sound Diggers
5. Four One 6 – Original Mix Toka Project
6. Lovin (Your Body Remix) Funk Dvoid
7. Sculpture Live (Original Mix) Matthew Lions, Thomas Klaus
8. Materia (Robert Hood Remix) Nic Fanciulli
9. Byway (Original Mix) Dave DK
10. Stromso (Adham Zahran Perspective) Aslak, Sachrias
11. Pharmacists – Original Mix Groove Federation
12. Love You More – Original Phil Weeks
13. Drop Da Funk (Original Mix) The Sound Diggers

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