Daniela Orvin - Photographer, artist, DJ, Art curator, co-founded Indie gallery

Daniela Orvin Interview

Born in Berlin & grew up in Munich. At the age of 6 my family relocated to Israel.
Feeling of detachment  estrangement and uprootedness accompany me ever since. Those issues are represented in many ways in most of my works. I move between Israel and Germany and photograph in both countries.

I still photograph with Medium format cameras using film. I use many types of cameras in this format, it really depends on the subject or the concept or the feelings I want to project.

I studied  photography and art at Westminster University  in London and at Midrasha art college in Beit Berl Israel.

In 2007 I  co-founded d&a Gallery for Contemporary Photography in Tel Aviv, in 2009 it became a space for cooperative activity of 10 artists/ photographers. I was partner and a member in this group which lasted only a year. in 2010 a new group  of 10 independent artists was formed who changes the name of the gallery from d&a to Indie. I am now a member of this group.

Indie gallery for photography 57 Yehuda Halevi St. Tel Aviv Israel
for more info please write to diorvin@gmail.com

Q: What is your music background? Tell us your story
Daniela Orvin: I started listening to music at age 0 .Music was always a main issue at home, my father was a DJ   in the 70s-80s and he had a self made fully equipped discotheque in our basement both in Germany and in Israel. As a young child I remember myself watching him mixing for hours and dancing to his sets. We heard a lot of Disco, Funk and Jazz and I remember falling asleep to sounds and echoes of Bass coming out of his huge speakers as he was listening to music all night.

At age 6 I started playing the piano and at age 11 performed in concerts but never liked the experience of performing in front of an audience. At age 14 I stopped playing, I kind of lost interest and got confused but never lost my love and passion for music, it was already in my blood.
After I got discharged from the army I worked in a few music stores, Disc Center, Ma Nishma (meaning: What we listen), Haozen Hashlishit (meaning: The third ear) and loved it but never made a career out of music. I guess I always wanted to keep this passion very pure and raw.

Q: When did you begin to DJ?
Daniela Orvin: About a year ago and it seems as if I knew how to do it mostly by intuition. 6 months ago I bought a controller and started mixing like a human being (working with a mouse and Traktor is challenging though frustrating). I still have a lot to learn and my library of dance music is still limited but I’m happy with the tracks I have, mostly new and cutting edge-ish, I like to discover new artists and spend a lot of time listening to new releases.

Q: Was there a particular event or Dj which influenced you, which accordingly you decided to enter the field?
Daniela Orvin: I guess my father is my main influence. I started Djing after he got very ill, so I suppose it’s a way to connect with him in a certain level and a way to connect with my childhood again and just to enjoy and have fun in those times of too serious matters which Im experiencing these days. Other than him, I think DJ’s like Jeff Miles and Levon vincent who succeed in creating perfect and epic sets and can bring you to high spiritual levels with their

From the Israeli scene I would definitely point out Ori Lichtik as an influence, his perfect polished sets always made a huge impression on me and he was the first one I think who introduced me to  hardcore techno.

Today, local Djs like Dima Michaelov and Lev Goldfarb really influence me, they play mostly jakin’ house which I won’t play myself but every time I hear one of their sets I’m filed with motivation to make a groovy and uplifting mix. Their choice of music is very cool their skills are outstanding, they have what it takes and Djing is truly in their blood

Q: Do you think that social networking (soundcloud, myspace, facebook) & the idea that djs are self-promoters are beneficial for the industry or the opposite?
Daniela Orvin: I think it’s a great way to connect and discover new music, however, most of it is very bad in my eyes – I must admit. But, I guess you need a stable ear and spine to pick out and distinguish the pearls in the sea of flops. I love this process which for me is a never ending learning process, and I find it challenging and satisfying. I also think that it’s a great way and an opportunity for people like me who don’t really want to play live in front of a crowed but want to be exposed and share their taste and love of music.

Q: Art & Music have an impact on both young and old people; everyone is influenced by success and glory. What advice do you have for those who are looking for such a success?
Daniela Orvin: Although I have accomplished a few things in my life, I don’t think I have accomplished everything I want or got to a point in my career where I can stop and say ‘hey I have succeeded’. But, anyways, my advice is to work hard, dream big, own your dreams and make it happen step by step by persistence and faith.

Q: What challenges and limitations have you faced with on the Israeli electronic music scene?
Daniela Orvin: I hear too many local Djs, who love to play well known hits, trends and beatport charts (which might  also be a global problem), although sometimes it fits well in the set and there’s nothing wrong in playing a good old track here and there but too much of it really turns me off. I really believe a dj should have his own agenda and some confidence and not relay on what others may say or think or play.

“If in the past record labels, magazines and radio shows were our taste makers and decided who’s in and who’s out, now days we can choose and design taste ourselves”


Another thing that ticks me off is more in the clubbing department,  in the last few years clubs are (became)  way too crowded and clubbers are very aggressive and those two don’t go so well together.  Most people here don’t understand the codes of clubbing which is really sad and frustrating, sometimes I feel as if I’m in a battle field not a party. It wasn’t always like that, I’m a clubber for almost 20 years now and I saw how the scene grew and changed, but I guess it’s all a dynamic beast and I just can hope things will change for the better soon enough.

Q: What is your stand re how to get the public to support live performance and see the shows? Any ideas?
Daniela Orvin: I think that the promoters who bring live acts to Israel are doing a great job considering the delicate situation citizens are forced upon in the Middle East. A lot of relevant Dj’s and producers come to play in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem and the Night scene in Israel is alive and kicking for many years now. So I think there is no need for advice or ideas from me.
I don’t think there is a need for improvement in this subject. Lots of faithful clubbers do support live acts and shake the night life here and I really hope that the rain of excellent Djs who play in Israel won’t stop.

Q: If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would it be?
Daniela Orvin: I think that the Music industry is in a very exciting place right now. Sure, there is an overwhelming amount of music that you can find on the internet. Sometimes it can put you in a state of shock or saturation, but on the positive side it is a chance for anyone to put out his/ her music or art, to discover or to be discovered and to establish a unique and very divers taste in music. If in the past record labels, magazines and radio shows were our taste makers and decided who’s in and who’s out, now days we can choose and design taste ourselves, which in my eyes is just great.

Q: What do you think distinguishes an artist from just a dj?
Daniela Orvin: First of all, Djs should be artists in my eyes otherwise they are not relevant. Today it’s very easy to mix tracks and make a set so almost anyone who has a sense of rhythm can do it but I believe that the trick is to do something unique. A Dj shouldn’t be a crowd pleaser but a leader and a teacher and really should think out of the box. But I guess that what distinguishes an artist from just a dj is that ‘just’ a Dj might sees his profession as ‘just’ a job and an artist would be someone who sees his profession as a mission and a way for expression, and his fingers would tickle after not playing for a while, It should be a necessity .

Pulpit rock
Indie gallery for photography 57 Yehuda Halevi st. Tel Aviv Israel

Q: You are a photographer and you own a gallery – Indie gallery for photography. What is your biggest challenge as a photographer / Artist? Have you been able to overcome that challenge?
Daniela Orvin: I guess I’m a late bloomer, I started photographing kind of late, in my mid 20’s, while I was studying pharmacy in university, and really fell in love with this medium, and decided to take it seriously and study art . I always was artistic and musical but hardly expressed it out so it was kind of hard to convince my family and friends that I’m truly serious about it and it’s not just a new and crazy phase I’m going through. After a few years they started to support me but it took some hard work and persistence

Now days I suppose my biggest challenge is to sell my work and still be true to myself and my not so commercial way. I guess people like to buy pictures of sunsets or something that goes well with the color of their sofa better than buying a semi biographical semi political work. I can understand that, but on the other hand, I don’t think  I will change my mind on being true to myself therefore I’m still struggling with that issue. Indie gallery for photography

Q: What inspires you to photograph or to dj?
Daniela Orvin: Music usually inspires me. I like to go out and photograph after hearing a song or a track which blows me away, I try to translate this wonderful feeling of awesomeness into a photograph.
I am also inspired by feelings, by people, by events, by an interesting location, so practically
anything can trigger my inspiration to shot pictures or to make a new set.

Q: What equipment are you using?
Daniela Orvin: I’m using a Numark Mixtrack controller and a Traktor software, the mixtrack is quite good for it’s
low price and it suits my needs right now, maybe one day if I will change my mind about playing in front of an audience, so I will upgrade my gear but for now, it’s just perfect.


Q: Do you have any superstitions or habits like pre-show rituals or special clothing, accessories etc?
Daniela Orvin: I write notes, suggestions to myself before I record a set. I’m dyslexic and lose concentration very fast (although with music it’s easier for me) and I tend to dream while playing, so notes help me to keep in focus . But usually it’s written in the heat of the moment so I don’t understand most of the scribbles I make anyway.

Q: What things were critical for your career decision making?
Daniela Orvin: Sometimes I like to jump into deep waters and reach unknown territories, I like to go out of my comfort zone as I think it’s important for my personal growth. This is one of the most important factors for my career decisions ’cause otherwise I wouldn’t  have jumped from pharmacy to art so fast for instance, I wouldn’t have opened a gallery for photography in Tel Aviv 2 years after I graduated from art school or I wouldn’t have started mixing in the first place,

“Sometimes I like to jump into deep waters and reach unknown territories, I like to go out of my comfort zone as I think it’s important for my personal growth”


Q: What can we expect from you in this upcoming year?
Daniela Orvin: I really hope to start making my own music this year – another unknown territory for me and a secret fantasy for many years now.
2 weeks ago I started an alternative course in which we are learning how to produce electronic music by working with abelton live. I came with no real expectations to create my own music but it seems as if I actually made some rough sketches of dance tracks  already so Im happy and excited about that. and I wonder now why I didn’t start 20 years ago cos its bringing me to a good and cosy place. so yes, I have proven to myself once again Im a lat bloomer or its just the right time now to start a new phase . I guess its a combination of both but anyways,I do hope to make some cool tunes in the near future.
I’m curious to see if I’ ll be able to make music as well.

I made 2 sets for this project, the first set is a short and intensive one, it is called “a true story set” not only because there is a track in the mix called by this name but because it reflects a real biographical story in my eyes. Sometimes it is hard for me to express in words some things I have experienced and it comes out better in my art or in music. It is really more a piece of art in my eyes than a danceable set.

The second set is a groovier one, I just went back to my funky roots and tired to interweave some soul, funk and disco elements in a still contemporary mix which should be a nice, light and fun set. Visit Daniela Orvin


2B continued Podcast 35B – A True story set by Daniela Orvin

1. Neugodni Miomirisi (Original Mix) Hadji
2. Lost Contact (Original) – Michaelangelo
3. Blind Probe Head (Original Mix) – Ben Gibson
4. Linear Function (Original Mix) – Samuli Kemppi
5. Fifty (Original Mix) – Stanislav Tolkachev
6. Sun’s Energy (Original Mix) – Energun
7. Shoegaze (Edit Select Dub Mix) – Speedy J
8. Mortality (Original Mix) – Julien H Mulder
9. Higia (Original Mix) – Oscar Mulero
10. True Story (Original Mix) – Snap 9A

Daniela Orvin 2B Continued Podcast 35

1. You Should Have Known By Now – Original Mix Chuck Cogan
2. Hand Up For The Count (Original Mix) Nathan G
3. YamYam08a (Original Mix) Yam Yam
4. Dynamic – Original The Sound Diggers
5. Four One 6 – Original Mix Toka Project
6. Lovin (Your Body Remix) Funk Dvoid
7. Sculpture Live (Original Mix) Matthew Lions, Thomas Klaus
8. Materia (Robert Hood Remix) Nic Fanciulli
9. Byway (Original Mix) Dave DK
10. Stromso (Adham Zahran Perspective) Aslak, Sachrias
11. Pharmacists – Original Mix Groove Federation
12. Love You More – Original Phil Weeks
13. Drop Da Funk (Original Mix) The Sound Diggerst

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