2B Continued Podcast 27 – Eyal B

2B Continued Podcast presents and exposes the most creative artists of the Electronic Music Industry from Israel.

Eyal Ben Josef AKA Eyal B was born on march 1975 in Tel Aviv Israel. As a less verbal person he lets the music speak for him.

Eyal B start his passion for music at the age of 6. Influenced by the middle eastern sound that’s was surrounded him in his youth and by the 80’s and the 90’s years.  By the age of 14 he was already managed to play at the Sheraton hotel and Zeze club. As he grow up his own music style started to develope thanks to the Israeli local club scene.

He was played at the most popular clubs in Tel Aviv like Lemon,TLV and Shalvata and hold a weekly show on the 99fm radio station, worked at famous record stores for dj’s like IMP and Discotone.  Side by side to his great selection of records came the vinyl experience, the ability to play with 3 Technics sl 2000 records players simultaneously and becoming a professional scratcher (second place in Israel dj’s competition in 1994). Although using the computer, still for Eyal B vinyl is the ultimate sound.

In 2009 he had created the “Serious Beats” partys with dj Sagi Haber im mission to share the love they have for House music. Those events took place at Maxim club, Breakfast Club and the Penguin.

He continued to play in every place and time, creating events and private parties along with working on his own original music. His main music style is House music blended with Body & Soul (following the masters Francios K, Joe Claussell and Danny Krivit), Funky groove mixed with Jazz, African & Latin beats and underground Disco. By playing he usual keeping the sound deep and dark then following to higher Deep House, Tech House and Nu Disco.

1. Ibadan – Dub life part 1
2. Peaven Everret – Blow
3. Womack – The letter
4. J.M. – Bootleg
5. Original drum – Jingo 2011
6. Fusion – Disco dub
7. El Grillo – Y_El robot – Bootleg
8. Black coffee ft Thiwe – Crazy
9. Su Su Bobien – Praise always
10. Diva down – Spiritual blessings
11. Los Domingos Vuelo – Luciano rmx
12. Gummihz & Nikola Gala – Free from desire ? (White flowers)
13. Franck Roger – Main pass of dream (Real tune)
14. Father Hawks touch – Mh1
15. Vieten Hans Gruber – Gimme some muah (Original mix)
16. Steffi ft Virginia – Yours & mine ep (Vocal mix)
17. Jerome Sydenham feat Atjazz – Natural spray
18. Tantrum e.p.
19. Timid boy – Bandits & Dangerous animals
20. The people jack – Urh
21. Nivek Tsoy – The people jack part 2
22. Miami sampler 2011 e.p. – Amore

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