2B Continued Podcast 34 – Roei wv

Presents and exposes the most creative artists of the Electronic Music Industry from Israel.

Roei wv began his musical experience as a child pianist.  As a teenager he was enchanted by electronic music and technological advances, and began experimenting in with his home computer. Later on, as the need to develop his technical and theoretical skills rose, Roei studied music production at Muzik School college in Tel-Aviv. Ever since, he had been involved in a number of various projects; such as producing original music in various styles and genres. In addition he produced scores for theater and student film soundtracks.

In the last five years he had the chance to gain experience DJing due to the support of  his dear colleague and friend Eran Sirjohn Under the alias Agochic they played in various venues and hosted local and international DJs in a weekly line at Haifa, Based on they’r mutual understanding of underground music. Visit Roei wv

1. MMS – Untitled A1 [PHP025]
2. Minilogue Vs KAB – That’s A Nice Way to Give Me Feedback (Wighnomy Brothers Quintenzirkel Remix) [BAHN08]
3. Tin Man – S_MPL_HOUSE [SHK04]
4. Soul System – Keep On Givin [WXC002]
5. Luke Hess – Narrow Road (Additional – A.O.S) [LH-FXHE03]
6. Disco Nihilist – A New Career In A New Town [RBDN01]
7. The Oliverwho Factory – Galactic Transit (Recall Instrumental Mix) [RH033]
8. Kamar – In Every Way (Original This Six For That Six Mix) [MR016]
9. DeepCitySoul – I Got Ya [NNR203]
10. Jordan Peak – What Is House [RB103]
11. Malin Genie – Eye [SLPFNK001]
12. Rocket – People (Jenos Stormy Weather Mix) [NRK072]
13. Melon – Telephones [RH116]
14. Juju & Jordash – Bleached Roots [RH116]
15. Arnold Jarvis – Take Some Time Out (Manuel Kim Edit)

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