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Untold Sequence Interview

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Nightlife in Medellin is great. Medellin’s electronic scene has grown up a lot the last ten years. However, some promoters are constantly booking the same artists again and again, so it’s like a loop that never changes. As a result, the audience always gets to see the same Djs, which makes us wonder WHY and it is very frustrating

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Israel Vines Interview

Israel Vines on 2B continued

He started DJing soon thereafter. Moves between Chicago and Detroit followed, and included a three-year stint at Gramaphone Records, a Chicago institution where the likes of Derrick Carter and DJ Heather cut their teeth. Like Surgeon and Rob Hall before him, Israel’s approach to DJing is all-inclusive,

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Idan Horta Hortune Israeli djs Nightlife TelAviv

At the age of 15 Idan tried to enter the big clubs (in Israel) in order to be exposed to the music and night scene. One of the most significant experiences he had was DJ Spider’s show at the Octopus Club in Tel Aviv. That was the first time he saw a show which was conducted by a DJ from abroad. Moreover, for the first time in his life he

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PodIUmix 9 – Tubi – Dub Me to the Moon

Tubi on 2B Continued

The beginning was around 1995 playing in roof parties in Tel-Aviv’s Florentine neighborhood, made by friends and for friends. I started playing there simply because I was the one with the most relevant CDs. We used to start at noon or towards sundown with ambient and Dub music and usually got to Acid, Hose and Techno four hours

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The Particle Group

Kobe Shmuely aka  The Particle Group on 2B continued

After he finished his army service he started to learn playing the saxophone in Rimon Music School for Jazz, in Tell Aviv. In those days he also found interest in Electronic music thanks to the first Album by Lamb. Step by step, he got to know more groups, bands and individual electronic artists while his big inspiration was Amon Tobin, Chemical

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Assaf Naftali interview

Assaf Naftali on the decks 2B Continued

Since I started to touch the Djs’ equipment I felt I wanted to break free. I felt that this special music should not remain hidden behind the walls of my home. What separated me from many others is that I was not ready to surrender to the demands of promoters, producers and the audience. I decided that they will not dictate my style

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Roman’s Added Value

Roman’s Added Value 2B Continued press

Roman did not stay apathetic to his love to music and at 14 years old he starts work in 2 Music stores. Soon start to acquire and explorer new sounds gospel, Jazz, from Oliver Shanti to Alternative & Electronic wide range sounds. Roman listen in devotion just everything that get into the Cd. While one of his manger store was an retired

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