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Has Elvis left the building?

David Gold founder and CEO of Vinyl Israel, VINYL.CO.IL is an online record store

When digital format sets the tone and the discs and stores disappearing from the industrial landscape, the old actor’s presence do not give up while growing demand for vinyl records rising. What will be the future of the music industry and is it the right time to open the first Israeli online vinyl record store?

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Daniela Orvin Interview

Daniela Orvin - Photographer, artist, DJ, Art curator, co-founded Indie gallery

I hear too many local Djs, who love to play well known hits, trends and beatport charts (which might also be a global problem), although sometimes it fits well in the set and there’s nothing wrong in playing a good old track here and there but too much of it really turns me off. I really believe a dj should have his own agenda and some

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Roei wv Interview

Roei wv on 2B Continued Leading and innovative stage for best and most interesting Israeli djs

I believe that it’s important to be aware of many variables in order to relate to the crowd you’re playing for and address them. There must be endless ways to do that, and doing so is the magic and art of playing live. I play music which I would have enjoyed listening to and that is suits the situation. It happens not to be quite

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DeepWit Recordings Interview

Alvaro Hylander and Sierra Maydell of DeepWit Recordings

It is because of his love and passion for deep house music that Alvaro Hylander keeps on moving forward, every year that passes adding more experience and reach inside of the genre. Although currently based in Denmark, Alvaro’s early manifestations of his passion can be traced back to his years in Southern Spain where he started DJing at a very

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Triangle Eyes Interview

Triangle Eyes 2B Continued Tel Aviv nightlife

Knowing each other for almost 20 years, Konstantin, Misha and Alex decided to join their forces together in early 2011, backed up with each individual experience and knowledge of electronic music history, production and performance, they target is to create an ultimate techno live act based on 100% analogue modular synthesis. They want

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Choopie Interview

Choopie Israeli Djs Tel Aviv nightlife 2B Continued

One was going abroad in the late 80′s and visiting some of the main music scenes around the world like New York, Netherlands and Ibiza. There, for the first time, I was familiarized with the main clubs that led the scene. I discovered the importance of the DJ’s role and presence in front of the audience and I brought it to Israel.

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The District

Guy Freedom on the decks live

In the last half a decade, give or take a year, I had some difficulties finding good Techno that can keep all the essential goods of the old techno while still being innovative and surprising, not giving the feeling that it was sent out of a factory and sounds like a thousand other things. For years great Techno artists stripped themselves of their own

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