2B Continued Podcast 60 – Muzarco

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A Jerusalem native, muzarco started his musical journey releasing his seminal electronica EP in 1999 through the city’s now-revered underground channels.
In the following years he became an adept remixer and techno producer, as well as DJ. As a member of the Tel-Aviv based label Punch Music, muzarco’s releases were played by DJs worldwide and he was asked to contribute his remix skills often.

Now residing in the city of Haifa, muzarco’s musical path continues to evolve as he explores new grounds by taking his productions out of the studio as live performances.

Muzarco About the mix:

“With a new release coming up, I recently found myself connecting old backup hard drives, looking for unreleased material. The idea was to post an unreleased track every day on my Facebook page, counting down to the release day. Sifting through tons of sketches and abandoned tracks I was thrilled to find so much forgotten music and not less thrilled to find so many sounds that were recorded but never made it to tracks that were eventually released.

I knew that I had to find some outlet for those tracks but couldn’t just finish all of them as some were just a few bars long.
It suddenly came to me when I had my live rig hooked up. I practiced some real-time drum crafting and wanted to add a line to see how it all works together, and then just threw in an old recording of mine from way back, and another one and another. And so, this live set came about, combining sources going back to 2004, juxtaposing a 2010 minimal techno bass line with a 2006 electro lead, giving both a completely new context. From the distance of time, it’s easier to see beyond the changing styles and production techniques, notice the common aspect in all tracks, which is the underlying emotion conveyed by the music.

I’m very excited to finally record an all-original live set, twice as excited to expose unheard material that was kept in the dark for years and even more excited (if that’s possible) to blend it all as one big remix.

I definitely plan to integrate those materials into my future live sets and use more unreleased stuff, as I keep discovering more of it.

Although this set is partially made out of recordings taken from unreleased tracks, it also features parts taken from the following releases, in no particular order: Prophet on jupiter, no prophets on jupiter, instinct mostly, stringer bell, the entrapment, umlauts, lionize, depth charge.

Equipment used: A PC running Ableton live, Novation launchpad mini, Evolution uc-33 controller and Arturia keystep.”

Muzarco – 2B Continued Podcast 60  – Original Materials Live Mini-mix

Muzarco on Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/muzarco

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