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Ilana (Evelyn) Bar Rashi was born in 1991 In Hyannis, Cape Cod, USA to the Bar Rashi family, a family entirely within music as a way of life. In 1995 she immigrated with her parents and sister to Israel, following her grandfather Avraham Bar Rashi (also known as Allan Gittler, his previous name). Avraham was a legendary guitarist, who worked with jazz greats Gil Evans, Elvin Jones and more. He was a talented composer, inventor and much more… One of his main achievements being the Gittler Guitar, a unique electric guitar, which stands to this day in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York.
Ilana’s father, Yonatan Bar Rashi, is a virtuoso drummer, also maintains the music as a way of life. started his career in the time of Woodstock where he played several concerts, to current festivals and CDs of ethnic, Gypsy and jazz music, performing nearly worldwide. recently performed with the great bassist Victor Wooten, among many others.

Surrounded by the huge musical talents in her family, Ilana began drumming at an early age with her father, mostly on drum set. There was a time of singing, then guitar, bass, piano, keyboards and didgeridoo. She was part of several psychedelic rock bands, and performed solo concerts on drums and guitar.
Ilana loved playing various instruments and gained experience in many styles and tools, always feeling a A desire to combine all of them together to make one musical piece.
On one visit with her grandfather at around the age of 6, she can remember the first time she saw him composing a music piece on the computer, on one of the first versions of Cubase software. It excited and intrigued her very much, and remained etched in memory until it erupted in 2009, when she began to open up to the world of the underground trance scene in Israel. For her, the riddle of electronic composition finally began to reveal itself when she received a copy of Cubase from a DJ friend of hers, and then began to move forward and learn the software independently.
From that moment, she knew that her whole life evolved perfectly for this purpose.

“My mission is to deliver a message to the world, to humanity. I see the message clearly, hear it, feel it, experience it always. Making music is the most accurate way of expression for me. Until the day I accepted it, I was followed by various fears, among them a constant reluctance toward any kind of trance music, loving it somewhere deep inside but never seeing myself truly able to “be part of it”. I was an introverted child, domestic, quiet, and mostly chose to be alone with myself in front of nature… But as everything happens perfectly and accurately in life, the day came and I found myself at an underground trance party in nature, dealing face to face with my fake fears (which turned out to be my biggest love), between a few hundred people dancing “with themselves” – and suddenly everything was clear….. Fear disappeared immediately. All answers were spread before me, and from that point on I knew all that was required from me is to just continue to listen to inner truth, and spread love through my music.
I create (transfer) the music from this place, always fun, with or without technical measures, in order to transfer my intention. The result is not really the important thing, only the eternal moment, total dedication to the inner voice.
In this way of living for me, the result always comes out in the best way possible.”

In 2011 Ilana began performing in underground trance parties under the name Evelyn B.R. (Evelyn is her middle name), while learning various software’s for creating her music on computer.

In 2015 Ilana (by then almost everyone around her knew her as Evelyn or Eve) reached the peak of her career, preforming averagely once a week in outdoor raves and clubs all over Israel. towards the end of 2015 Evelyn surprisingly announced that she is leaving for a trip in the USA. of course it was all about developing her big love to music, taking one big step foreword in to the unknown and getting new inspiration for an album witch is Estimated to be launched in 2017.

Eve’s words:
“When there is a desire to fulfill your part in the universe in a maximal way, you will receive full backing and support from all around you – the entire universe will be behind you in all required…”

2B Continued Podcast 55 – Evelyn. Original materials mix.

1. Evelyn – Sundance
2. Evelyn – Let Go
3. Evelyn – Svarga
4. Evelyn – Shapes of Eternity vs. Hakuna Matata
5. Evelyn – Me Tarzan you Jane
6. Evelyn – Rain in Space
7. Evelyn – In the Beginning
8. Evelyn – Fake Realness vs. Eagle Rib – Old Tsuu T’ina

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