2B Continued Podcast 50 – Nissim Gavriel

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Nissim Gavriel grew up in a house where music was a part of life, in the form of vinyl records CDs and tapes. He was always attracted to music which penetrated his mind and left memories so, when he hears an old song; it takes him to a certain moment from his past.

The first DJing experience he had was in the 4th grade, at an end-of-year class party. He volunteered to play for his class, using his sister’s big tape and some castes that he recorded beforehand. Since then, he became the school’s DJ. He played in any birthday party, and later, as a teen, he tried creating electronic music. He was influenced by Ramirez, Faithless, Carl Cox, Tiesto and other artists of the early 90s.

Later on, he was exposed to underground music and rave culture thanks to his yearning for new sounds and experience; he visited the TLV Club (Tel Aviv) frequently, and was updated re the best DJs who performed in Israel, like Sasha and Digweed, who were the first to capture his heart. Also he was deeply affected by the Global Underground CDs albums series with names like Deep Dish and Josh Wink

By the age of 15, he turned religious and became very orthodox – he attended Yeshiva (Talmudic colleges) that were blocked to the outside world and banned any attachment with it. Moreover, he was forbidden to listen to underground electronic music because it was considered a sin and impure.

However, he knew that music is a window to the soul, and the soul knows what’s best for her, it’s her “language”, so out of frustration, he played melodies in his mind and started humming them. Then, he recorded those hums and tried to reconstruct them. Eventually, his love for house, minimal and progressive music overpowered religion. It started by escaping home from the Yeshiva to create beats on the Cubase (only by feeling and hearing), and ended in departing religion in favor of doing the one thing he loved the most – music and DJing.

In 2004, at the age of 19, he visited his brother in the USA, fell in love with the place and stayed there for 4 years. He lived in Philadelphia and worked as a DJ in a local bar called Nuar. He used to begin with chillout then move to house sets. It was a success story from the beginning – the place became very active and people came especially to listen to his sets. In time he found himself playing local tracks from pop or country music to a wordless world of music full of emotions.

The rumor spread so the owner of By Blos, a club that wasn’t far from the Nuar bar, offered him to become the resident DJ. That was some highlight experience for him; he hosted other local talented DJs and people would wait to listen to his performance – it thrilled them. He used to buy records at 611 (Six Eleven) – a familiar and important record store in Phily, collect material and get excited with every set, just like a child.

For three and a half years he DJed in almost any dance-bar in the city and at private parties in New York and New Jersy.

He decided to return to Israel in the end of 2007 because he missed his family and home. That was a crash for him! He was given promises re DJing from friends and colleagues, but reality was painful and bitter – everyone steps on everyone, being talented doesn’t mean you’ll get to play, unless you are a great PR person who also knows the owner of the club or at least his son.

Slowly, he realized that this is not America. Either you play for money (music you don’t like) in weddings and such, or you play pro-bono where no one appreciates it.

Thus, since his return, he focuses only in creating music behind in the studio and in time, his music will be played and people would even ask him to create remixes for them.

Last year, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, he got to know some wonderful people from all around the world, who create music from their heart and with love, like him. Together they work with important labels and send tracks to each other. Nissim is a recognized promising producer that appear in labels such Massive Harmony Records, Toes In The Sand, Dopamine Music, 3rd Avenue, System Recording and Elliptical Sun Recordings. Today, Nissim has more audience from around the world and centers his work on original creation at his studio.

2B Continued Podcast 50 – Nissim Gavriel

Track list :
1. Matias Chilano – Aura (Namatjira Remix)
2. Kacper Kostecki – True Story (Kobana Remix)
3. Ri9or – Sofia came to us (original mix)
4. Rodrigo Cortazar – The Traveller David Podhel Remix
5. Nash Donson – Are We There Yet (original mix)
6. Ozgur Ozkan and Nissim Gavriel – Lost Highway (Gvozdini Remix)
7. Fake Truth – Empty Suits (Napalm Remix)
8. Stanisha & Kaan Koray – Outcry(Cut Knob Remix)
9. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – ID (Nissim Gavriel Remix)
10. Ariel AB – Broadband

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