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Oded Nir is an Amsterdam-based chill out/ lounge producer / DJ with a driving beat as also the main man behind Suntree Records. For over ten years he has brought his unique style and enthusiastic stage presence to events throughout Europe. Participating in world famous events as the Cannes Midem festival in 2006 – 2008, performing live at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2008 – 2010, and in 2012 visiting China for a show at Ibiza Club and a Sunday talkshow on Dong-Guan TV, Oded is no stranger to the International music scene.

Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, his music productions stem from the early 90’s. After years of studio and stage performance as a much sought after bass player he moved exclusively into producing/composing music. His early influences were Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Sade, The Police and many more. However, after rapidly developing his skills into the down-tempo electronic world he found himself influenced by the likes of Kruder & Dorfmeister, Massive Attack, Tosca, Timewriter and Jazzanova.

With his background as a musician, he is able to create original sounds and blends which can be found on his release of ‘Midnight Snacker’, his first full length record brought to you by Suntree Records(NL) and available in stores since February 2010. Ever since things have gone a warp speed for Oded Nir. His debut album that followed by the EP’s : ‘Moon Light’ , ‘Jack Attack’ & ‘Midnight Snacker The Remixes’ also includes remixes from worldwide leading producers of the genre, such as: Richard Earnshaw, Dutchican Soul, The Timewriter, JT Donaldson & many more. These releases literally shot up to the top sale Charts of the biggest online shops such as I-Tunes(NL) , Traxsource(USA) ,Beatport(USA) and Wasabeat(JP)

To keep closely in touch with the live feeling of the international dance crowd, as a live musician and as a seasoned bass player, Oded Nir continous to perform around the globe successfully with his band that includes Amsterdam’s King Dread James (Lead singer from the ‘Midnight Snacker’ Album) and classically trained female singers. The album ‘Midnight Snacker’ contains these live-elements which has become one of Odeds’ trademark sounds over the years.

With so much accomplished in such a short span of time, one can’t help but wonder what the future holds for Oded Nir. The man is straightforward when asked this question: Basically continue doing what he’s best at whether as a musician, producer, DJ or composer. As a DJ, he performs all over especially in Spain, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, and of course the Netherlands, thrilling the audience repeatedly with an eclectic and sensual mix of trip-hop, lounge, soulful beats and cool chill-out.

One of Oded’s latest tracks, ‘Power Of The Hair’ ft. King Dread James, was released on Happy Music / Universal Music Double CD Compilation ‘Brasserie Des Arts St. Tropez 2011’ together with the hottest names in the genre on May 2011 and also as a single on Suntree Records on August 2011.

Come 2012 with the Amsterdam Dance Event still buzzing from his presence it is obvious that Oded Nir is more than ready to take the international music scene by storm. His first release of the year, ‘Power of the Hair the Remixes’, including remixes of The Timewriter, Johnstar and Sydney & Lukez, got up to #47 on Traxsource’s Top Downloaded House Chart.
His latest release that came out in the end of May 2012 called ‘Into Your Heart’ feat. hed kandi singer Gia Mellish with Richard Earnshaw & Dutchican Soul on the remixs hit traxsource top 10 charts and stayed there for more then 2 weeks and showed to be 2012 summer house classic.
Last but not least it should be noted that like a true music maverick in between recording sessions, dj gigs and remixes for worlds top artists Oded Nir somehow also finds time to run a hugely popular series of international radio shows ranging from the highly acclaimed sceen.fm in Germany to 1FM in USA to Russia , Romania and Denmark.

Oded Nir – 2B Continued Podcast 47

1. Andy Compton Ft. Oluwa – Transcend
2. RicardoG – Analog Clash (Original Mix)
3. Sol Element – Lets Forget about it (Original Mix)
4. M_Z_K – Twilight’s Theme
5. Wiseman – Drum Links (Original Mix)
6. Andrei Swipe Feat. Jen – 10 days only (Dormidontov deep mix)
7. Short Bus Kids – So why (Original Mix)
8. Haldo ft. Melanie Esatlla- Shout it out (Haldo different mix)
9. Pablo Fierro – Dont speak about house (Mr. Moon remix)
10. D,U,S,K Ft. Orlando Vaughan – Right for me
11. Dutchican Soul Ft. Chad Trent – Deny (Random Soul remix)

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