2B Continued Podcast 41 – Evgeny

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Music has been Evgeny’s passion since young age and after discovering the electronic music scene it was ‎only natural for him to take it to the next level. Wishing to support the electronic music scene Evgeny ‎created the aero-groove.com website which became a platform for sharing and promoting Electronic music ‎scene around the globe.‎

Evgeny’s DJ Career took its first serious turn in 2006 when he was invited by DJ Zombi (Weekend Heroes) to play at one of the legendary clubs in Israel “Maxim” where he hosted his “Progressive Thursdays” weekly line. While being a regular guest at the “Progressive Thursdays” line other local gigs started to follow. The year was not yet over and the good news kept on coming, he was approached by DJ Schwa after hearing one of his sets and invited Evgeny to be a part of his new and now a very well established and recognized label BEEF Records and represent them as a label DJ.

In 2007 Evgeny was on a plane to his first international gig which took place at the No Man’s Land Festival in Hungary. The lineup included such names as Minilogue, Extrawelt, Antix, Electrixx, Ace Ventura and other great artists. By 2008 Evgeny was headlining in major clubs and outdoor productions locally as well as internationally, playing alongside international DJ’s and Producers. His sets vary from deep intelligent Techno to Deep House which always leaves the crowd cheering and with an appetite for more.

After having such a great adventure for all these years in 2010 Evgeny felt it was a time to take a step back from the stage and the constant gigs to focus on his family and music production. This will also be the ?proper time to thank both Eli (Zombi) Baltsan and Yoni (Ace Ventura) Oshrat for their help and support for without them this journey would probably not take place. You might still catch Evgeny at performing at a few occasional parties which he plays mostly for fun and not for the sake of a DJ career.

2B Continued Podcast 41 – Evgeny

Brann – Evacuate (Original Mix) [Inlab]
Magic Panda – Distant Places (Max Cooper Remix) [Tigerbeat6]
Spada – Lair [Manual Music]
Gabriel Ananda – Hey Blop (Till Kuegers Apnoia Remix) [Basmati]
Minilogue – Clouds And Water (Vinyl Edit) [Enemy]
Petar Dundov & Gregor Tresher – Orbits (Original Mix) [Music Man]
Dominik Eulberg – Die 3 Millionen Musketiere (Extrawelt Remix) [Traum]
Timmo – Soliloquy [Strange Town]
Pachanga Boys – Time [Hippie Dance]

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