2B Continued Podcast 24 – Rollo

2B Continued Podcast presents and exposes the most creative artists of the Electronic Music Industry from Israel.

It seems like everyone wants to become a DJ nowadays, Rollo Tal was born one (Jerusalem, Israel, 1979). Ever since he was a child he used to listen to the radio for hours, record and collect different records. In 1999, after playing frequently in local underground parties across Jerusalem’s night life circuit, Rollo landed a night residency at legendary club “Q”, which opened many new doors for him and exposed his wide musical range to clubbers from all over Israel, who used to come especially for the sleazy and free vibe atmosphere he used to create on the dance-floor.

Having started his career as a DJ in 1995, Rollo continues to push the limits, exploring and taking musical risks. He strives to imprint his own identity and influences to take his music one step further. Rollo can best be described as a strong believer and a visionary DJ, whom with his endless passion for music is tireless when it comes to his craft. He is known for playing a range of eclectic, soulful, electronic music and in the last several years toured and played as a Headliner all over Europe, USA and South America.

On the production side, Rollo is concentrating on creating his own sound, which is trendy, fresh and open-minded that will allow him to find a successful outlet for his own creative endeavours. With his infectious personality and uncompromised musical taste, together with his technical skills on decks, he has distinguished himself as an individual artist. With his outgoing perspective, the future looks bright for this promising talent as he continues to push the limits of electronic music.

No Tracklist available. Rollo believe that people shuld listen to music rather than read the entirely play list, One of Rollo condition to this dedicated podcast was not published the Track list, Sorry.

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