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Tomer Meltzer was originally exposed to the late 80’s music thanks to his sister, who constantly listened to artists like 2 Unlimited, Ace of Base, Madona, Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan, who left their mark on him. In addition, anything with a repetitive beat or light dance caught his ear (e.g. mostly commercial music).

Later, in 1992, he was exposed to a series of albums called The History of The House of Chicago which affected him deeply. The collection album with best hits like Fingers Inc. – A Path, Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem), had been played on his CD nonstop.

All of the above made Tomer search for the perfect sound,so he started to buy discs and other collections obsessively.His favorite collection was House Party. It was 1994, but he was still looking for the rough sounds from 1992.In those days there was no Internet, so he had to listen to the kind of music that everyone listened to, and he had always felt that something was missing.

At the age of 17 he had his illumination. His sister,who was involved with the local electronic underground music scene, got him into the mythological Alenbi 58, which was one of the most popular and successful clubs in the ’90s in Tel Aviv. He found himself in the exact place that he wished for and realized that the real superstar is the DJ.”I felt how he controls every part in my body and takes my imagination to places I’ve never entered before.” Since that moment he became a ‘freak’ of underground music and searched for any music that resembled to the sounds he had heard. Many of his salaries were spent on buying discs in record stores like Krembo and The Third Ear. One of the most interesting sets he had come across was Steve Lawler set named Home which was recorded live from the Home Club in London. He was deeply moved by the tech house music with its dark fractions and beats.

In 2000, Tomer decided to stick only with House music. He spent quite a while in clubs like the Pacha and Octopus in Tel Aviv that played mostly House. In addition, he listened to collections like Global Underground, Lights Out, Nu Breed, Fabric, United DJs of America and Nightlife. In fact, the end of the ’90s and the early 2000 were the ‘golden age’ of the house scene in Israel, and Tomer had experienced and absorbed this period of time in any musical and mental aspect which later also affected and designed his own music style.

“Since then I’m living the Tech House and Deep House music and all that they entail; moreover, I’m still excited from every new sound which includes fundamental soul. Artists like Mandu, Timewriter, Steve Lawler, Sis, Lociano, Ricardo, Rarsh and others make me smile every time, and I’m sincerely moved by a show of a DJ that I really like. My visits in Ibiza and Sonar had contributed to this great affection and turned it into an addiction. As it was said in the legendary track of 2 Unlimited –’let the beat control your body’, and the beat still controls every part of mine!”
TomerMelzer,  Addicted2Grove

1. Chris Coco & Captain Bliss – Harmonica Track (Deep Mix)
2. Version – Nothing (Original Vocal Mix)
3. Tiago Fragateiro – Face
4. Cosmic Cowboys – Piano Africano
5. Andre Crom, Martin Dawson – That Ain’t Right
6. Gorge – Keya (Chris Lattner Remix)
7. Orange Muse feat.  Ania – Psychedelic Behaviour
8. 11 Inch – With You (Womanizer dub)
9. Gruvkode – Gruvkode (Original Mix)

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