2B Continued Podcast 18 – Shamique

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Tomer Rahmiel was born in February 19, 1986 in Rishon Le’zion. He grew up in a single parent family that had an immense emotional effect on him, so the best way to express himself and his mixed feelings of pain, anger, joy and love was the music. Thanks to a dear person; David Dudisco, who taught him many things about musicians’ life and their surrounding, he moved to Tel-Aviv in 2008 in order to develop his own career. In fact, he couldn’t find a better place than the Israeli “big city” because of its liberal though demanding music standards.

2000 was the beginning of Tomer’s aka Shamique journey towards practical and theoretical insights that aimed to be unique and original. Like any other artist in the beginning of his way, it seems that he stumbled a lot and projects were not finished, since he placed himself in higher standards, such as some of the role models he looked up to.

During his search for originality and uniqueness, he got to places where so called DJs played unclear bass, swing-jazzy percussion and once in a while to change the beat in order to awake the audience. Sometimes they tried to be creative so they played some analogical instrument. That was the point where he understood that things must be changed; the scene is yearning for something new and razor-sharp innovative that body and mind will not resist!

Ten years of trials and errors in addition to pondering, led him to finally create an album which is solely his. The album combines two or three music styles and tries to excite the audience in rather a humoristic way, since it presents him; a Pisces person, and enfolds his life story while using melodious metaphors. In addition, it intends to reach the forgotten places in our mind and aims to arouse the gray zones in the brain.

The album presents a compilation of romantic elements and dark melodies that have high peaks and low ones, which you can listen to during the day and night. It has a blend of House, Deep, Techno and Minimal along with Jazz motifs all unified into one scale.

1 Shamique – Aggregate
2 Shamique – Allenby street
3 Shmique – Sidewalks on the moon
4 Shamique – Singing Computers
*5 Shamique – no ID
6 Shamique – Yellow Land
7 Shamique – Speaking Dolphins
8 Shamique – Colors Upon Trees

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