2B Continued Podcast 16 – Ronaldo Robotika

2B Continued Podcast presents and exposes the most creative artists of the Electronic Music Industry from Israel.

Born in the city of Herson in Ukraine, Roni started his musical career at age 4 when he performed a Russian folk song that was filmed as a video clip!At age 6 he began to study the piano in a musical conservatory. In 1990 his family immigrated to Israel where Roni continued to study music at different conservatories all over Israel, constantly participating in national and international musical contests, and achieving high honors. While studying Classical music Roni began to develop an interest towards modern music such as Rock, Pop and R&B along with a strong attraction to Electronic sounds.

One night Roni was listening to the radio in his room, and was surprised to listen to the new sounds and rhythms that came out of the speakers, it was a show called “DJ” hosted by Offer Nachshon.

In 1994 this show introduced House, Trance and Techno music to Israel which was completely oblivious to it, even though it was popular overseas. After constantly listening to the show and taping it, Roni decided to try and create this new and fascinating music.
And so with his first purchased synthesizer, he started to create “Dream Music”.

In 1997 Roni expanded his studio and started to combine many new styles in his creation such as: Drum ‘N Bass, House, Techno, Hardcore and also Trance. While Studying in High School Roni managed to produce several singles and remixes for a rock band he was working with. In 1999 he joined another rock band in which he was played the keyboard.

In 2000 Roni had finished studying Music and graduated from his conservatory with excellence. It wasn’t long before he decided to invest his monthly paycheck into a set of Turntables and a Mixer that introduced him to the world of mixing and DJing.
He then started playing House, Euro-Trance, Hard Trance and Techno. These styles eventually lead him to play Psy-Trance which was very successful in Israel back then.

Several years after completely drowning into the Psychedelic Trance and its culture, Roni flew to Ibiza with friends after he was discharged from the army. He was very influenced by the atmosphere and different cultures there, and fell in love with Techno music which he had never heard before.

When he returned to Israel he began to mix and create different genres such as: Hard & Funky Techno, Electro-Clash, Minimal Techno, Techno Electro and Schranz. Roni is also well known for combining old tunes, classics and very different styles in his DJ sets, with lots of soul and many unique techniques.

Shortly after that Roni joined ILTA – Israel’s Trance Addiction DJ Agency, and started bonding with fellow DJs from the agency and also meeting people from the industry, including DJ Shmuel Flash of the Flash Brothers Trio. Since then Roni has played along with Shmuel at several clubs. Roni has also hosted Shmuel in his internet show called  “The Cyber Sessions” broadcasted several times a month during the year. The show presents mostly Techno music combined with live instruments. Roni was a resident in Q Barcoteque and has played in many clubs in Israel like Hasharon-12, Lem Light, Barzilay, Vox, Maxim etc.

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